Edward is Executive Vice President and Chief Branding Officer of MTN Universal. He has contributed creative, insightful, fresh, and relevant content to help shape MTN Universal’s brand and message. Edward received invaluable training defining his spiritual leadership at Sunset International Bible Institute. He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology at Tennessee State University. Edward earned his Master’s degree Divinity and Doctorate in Theology and Ministry from Theology University of America.

Edward has been pastoring for 35 years, the last 25 of which he has been the full-time senior pastor at the Buena Vista Church of Christ. Over his career, he has had the distinct privilege of serving a wide-range people of various ages, cultures, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. As a pastor, Edward has had the responsibilities of preaching, teaching, counseling, coordinating efforts for growth goals, developing effective teams, identifying strategic priorities, providing coaching for congregation members, leading meetings, networking, developing curriculums, and providing specialized training for local communities.

Edward loves spending time with his lovely bride, Jacqueline, and his children and six grandchildren. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf.  

“Be alive in your vision and let your vision achieve your dream.” This is Edward’s motto.

Five traits you can expect from Edward are enthusiasm, insight, dependability, determination, and diligence.