10 Things We Should Let Go of…


One of the hardest things in life sometimes is to let go.  In one day, so many different things happen.  But in the midst of all the busyness, what should we hold on to and what things should we let go of?  And when should we let go?  More importantly, why should we let go?

I believe life gives us signs when we should let go of some things.  However, sometimes we find ourselves still hanging on to things that may hold us back when we simply need to let go.  But what things should we let go of?

#1    Let Go of What People Think

Don’t worry yourself with the good or bad that people may think because you will never be able to please everyone.  And those thoughts may just hold you back if you aren’t able to let go of them.

#2    Let Go of Perfection

No one can live to the standard of perfection.  We can strive for perfection, but we will never be perfect.  Expecting to be perfect can lead to many disappointments, which will derail your dreams, goals, and plans of success for your life.

#3    Let Go of Insufficiency

The complete opposite of being perfect is being inadequate and deficient.  We will never be perfect, but never should we settle for being insufficient.  Insufficiency can show itself in many ways, but it will inevitably lead to failure.   We never want to find ourselves lacking the right attitude, lacking the necessary tools, lacking belief, or lacking the proper resources.  So, why hang on to insufficiency?  Let go of insufficiency.

#4    Let Go of Numbing

When we become numb to injustice and wrongdoing of any kind, we then are faced with a big problem.  By no means should wrong ever replace right, bad ever replace good, or lies ever replacing the truth.   When any of this happens, we start to become numb and less sensitive to urgent matters.  Let go of numbing and more responsive to the urgent matters in your life.

#5    Let Go of Certainty

Life is and will always be unpredictable.  The only thing other than God we can be sure of in this life is uncertainty.  Therefore, let go of needing certainty in your life.  Always expect the unexpected.

#6    Let Go of Comparison

No matter the situation, we will never benefit from drawing comparisons.  No one will ever be you because God uniquely created you.  I don’t believe we were created to be someone else.  We have our own exceptional gifts and abilities.  Comparing ourselves to anyone else only diminishes our uniqueness.  Let go of comparison.

#7    Let Go of Anxiety

When we think of anxiety, we think about a person having anxiety or a panic attack.  But all of us face the challenge of being anxiety stricken.  Anxiety quietly slips into our lives when we are overwhelmed with fear.  It causes uneasiness of mind, which causes many other problems.  Our lives would be much better and much more stable without the presence of anxiety.  The challenge is the overwhelming responsibilities we have that cause us to feel fear and anxiety.  Whatever you may be afraid of, let it go.

#8    Let Go of Exhaustion

Have you ever felt so exhausted to the point that you were falling asleep anywhere or any time?  Many people in our world are suffering from exhaustion.  Whether it be sleep deprivation or being over worked from our current positions

#9    Let Go of Self-Doubt

You have to believe in yourself if you are gong to do anything special in life.  Let go of any self doubt such as you’re not pretty enough, you’re not slim enough, you’re under qualified, you’re over qualified, you’re not smart enough, you’re incapable, you’re incompetent, or you’re unskilled.  Many times the determining factor whether we move forward in life has everything to do with our self-talk.  Speak positive messages to yourself to avoid self-doubt.

#10  Let Go of Control

One of the biggest challenges with letting go is losing control.  As humans, we love being in control over our own lives.  We can best help our lives by letting go of the feel that we must control everything.


What things should you let go of to promote better a life for yourself? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)


Peace and Prosperity,
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