10 Things You Should Do to Motivate Yourself


There are some days when it will be hard to get it going.  Regardless of your expertise, you must be able to put your best foot forward daily.  Let’s look at ten things you should do to motivate yourself daily.

1. Talk to the Creator of all things.  One the greatest ways to be motivated is by talking with the Father of all things.  As humans, we can often get caught in pride and forget that God is the reason for our blessings.  You may not feel blessed or successful, which can cause you to feel demotivated.  The Christian Broadcasting Network published an article called Will God Talk to Me.  In this article, it discusses and defines the nature of true happiness and success.  I think you will enjoy reading this article because it has great points in which we can relate.  Overall, it explains a relationship with God is the source of happiness, success, and motivation.

2. Remember your past.  It was Nicholas J. Nicastro who said, “Remember where you came from, Appreciate where you are, Focus on where you’re going.”  This is a mantra we should all live by.  Otherwise, we will get comfortable and complacent missing out on the motivation our past could possibly provide our lives.

3. See the big picture.  It can get quite boring looking at one tree, if you don’t understand that each tree makes the beautiful forest.  Many times we focus on the details so much that we forget about the bigger picture.  It is great to focus on details, but don’t get caught up in the details and forget about your primary goals.

4. Move your body.  Exercise has many benefits.  The U.S. News and World Report speaks about these benefits in their 7 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Exercise.  One of the benefits of exercise is that it will motivate you.  How?  Exercise helps with production and growth brain molecules and connections causing a natural boost in motivation.

5. Find an accountability partner.  It is always good to have someone who will motivate you by holding you accountable with your daily, weekly, monthly, or annual goals.

6. Meditate.  You may not think meditation can motivate you, but when you meditate you allow better clarity of mind.   Clarity of mind removes any distractions that will keep you from focusing, which in turn will motivate you daily.

7. Visualize your future.  There’s nothing like motivating your day by seeing your future.  One easy way of doing this is by creating a vision board.  There are many ways of creating your vision board.  You can do it in a more formal or systematic way.  Or you can completely throw it together without any order.  Whatever you choose to do, just make sure your main thought is putting everything you would like to be part of your future on your vision board.  When I do this with my clients, one of the primary things I emphasize is that the vision board should be personal.  It’s not what anyone else wants for your life. Your vision board should be about what you want.  You can have several vision boards depending on your lifestyle.  You can also do a separate vision board with your marriage, children, spiritual, work, etc.  When I created my vision board, it included my entire family because everything I do is for them.  At the end of the day, you have to do what is right for you.  The next point about visualizing your future is placing your vision board somewhere in view of your eyes and anyone else involved with your vision board, so you will be motivated daily.

8. Write down short-term and long-term goals.  Writing goals is an important key to motivating yourself daily.  Why?  Writing short-term or long-term goals is a way to convince yourself that you are serious about reaching final destination, which is achievement of your goals.  Everyone has goals, but not everyone writes those goals down.  Writing your goals down in terms of short-term and long-term gives you a plan for success.

9. Read something motivational.  What do you read?  Are you reading some form of motivational content?  If not, I would strongly encourage you to find some form of reading that will encourage you.  It may be the Bible.  It could be a magazine or a newspaper.  It may be a blog like this one, but whatever you do make sure it is some form of content that will lift your spirits.  Sometimes certain parts of the newspaper can be a “downer,” so find the uplifting section if you will be reading the newspaper or something of this sort.  I would also encourage you to do this first thing in the morning.  This is one of the reasons I like sending my blogs out first thing in the morning.  I do this because I like reading my motivational content first thing to get my day started the right way.

10. Have fun.  Randy Pausch said, “Never, never underestimate the importance of having fun.”  How important is having fun?  Life is serious enough.  We have many responsibilities, so I believe it so important to have fun whenever you can.  Having fun will infuse your day with motivation.

Whether you believe your life is successful or not, make plans to motivate yourself daily.  You will be surprised how your life will change with a daily dosage of motivation.

Question: Do you have a plan to motivate yourself daily?  What would your days look like with a daily dosage of motivation?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

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