2 Keys To Living An Abundant April



It can be hard feeling like prosperity is for you when you aren’t where you would like to be with in your life.  Today I would like to take you through 2 keys that will help you have an abundant April.

Whether you know it or not, your future is brighter than you think.

However, there is something you must do to have an ABUNDANT APRIL!

Several months ago, a friend called me with a few inquiries regarding transitions he was experiencing in his life.  He thought it was time for a career change.  He was in search for a job that could provide him with more financial freedom.

The conversation I had with my friend is a frequent conversation I have with many friends, family, and customers.

I pray you will have an Abundant April; but more importantly, I pray you will have Abundant Life.  This is one of the reasons why one of the last things you will hear me say at the end of most my conversations is, “Peace and Prosperity to you.”

I believe God is the foundation to understanding the 2 keys to living an abundant life, but we also have invest in our own future.

The keys to making your April and your life an abundant one is PEACE and PROSPERITY, which is determined by our attitude.  Having the right or wrong attitude will make or break your chances of prospering.  With that said, we aren’t exempt from creating abundance for our lives.  So, there are two keys we must possess to create this abundance.

Key #1 - Quiet Your Life

I use the word "quiet" because sometimes our lives our too busy.  We live in a very noisy world, which can be a distraction to living an abundant life.  Having a quiet life allows you to focus on those things that matter most.

One thing everyone needs is peace.


Peace gives us an inner calm.  When we have peace, no longer do we give control to any external factor in our lives.  We become more and more comfortable with who we are and the individual gifts God created us with.  So, how do we possess this inner peace?

You won’t necessarily obtain inner peace by taking a vacation, but it may assist in your discovery.  Inner peace cannot be bought with a price because inner peace is priceless.  Neither will a better job, a new house, or a relationship bring you inner peace.  To truly quiet you life, you must remove the distractions in your life and connect with the Creator.

Inner peace comes from being comfortable with how and why God made you!  This will bring a solace to your life that you man or thing alive can give you.

Key #2 - Go To The Next Level

Along with peace, you will need prosperity to keep moving forward in life.  Prosperity has nothing to do with money or tangible wealth.  On the contrary, prosperity has everything to do with intangible qualities.

When we possess inner peace because we are in tune with our purpose in life, it is safe to say prosperity will be closely following.  By quieting your life, you will be able to look pass any past guilt, hurt, or failures.  One of the biggest reasons why some people are unable to move to the next level is because of the past.

Prosperity permits you to break through, break out, and break down walls that may be holding you back.  During these experiences, you will notice consistent progress.  Your growth will take you places in your life you never would have dreamed of going.  It will take you to heights you never would have thought about reaching.  It will cause you to do things you never would have thought about doing.  It’s called prosperity!

So I say to you, PEACE and PROSPERITY!

I pray you will have an Abundant April and an Abundant Life.


Action: Live an abundant April by letting peace and prosperity consume your life.  Remember, it all starts with you being comfortable with how and why God created you.

Question(s): How committed are you to making your April Abundant? (Please leave a comment below.)

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