2 Reasons To Have a No-Nonsense November


Ten months are gone.  And November is here.  Are you ready to finish the year strong?  You will need a No Nonsense November if you are going to finish the year strong.  Let me give you two reasons why you should have a No Nonsense November.

Reason #1 - Urgency Calls


Not all things require our instant care, but there are matters that call for our immediate attention.  I believe carrying out your 2014 plans and accomplishing your 2014 goals are such matters.  Your plans and goals require immediate attention because this year is rapidly coming to an end.

It was Lord Chesterfield that said, “If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?”

We all should have an urgency to improve or to move ourselves to another level.  You have heard the phrase, “The only thing guaranteed in life is change.”  That’s why I believe we should be changing every year, every month, every week, every day, even every hour.  There is no way we can stay the same if we are sensitive the things that are happening around us.

How is urgency calling you?  What things do you need to accomplish before year-end?

Urgently, tackle those things and recognize your second reason to move forward during your No Nonsense November.

Reason #2 - Opportunity Knocks


What will you do when opportunity knocks?

I ask this question because your opportunity is coming.  But will you be ready when your opportunity knocks at your door?

Sometimes we believe we know how our opportunities will present themselves.  However, you should know that we serve an awesome God that does some amazing things.  Our God cannot be put in a box.  He blesses abundantly.

Every opportunity is a blessing from God and every blessing from God is an opportunity for us to have a productive November.

Don’t seek for the usual opportunities because God works in unusual ways.  You may miss you blessing or opportunity if you are looking for the usual.  I have to tell you; without doubt God can do the impossible.  So stop looking for a common opportunity.

For example, you may be looking for a raise or even a promotion at your current job.  But God may provide a completely different job for you with better flexibility, better benefits, better work morale, and better pay.  Do you believe that God can do it?

You may be looking for money to pay a few of your bills, but God can provide an opportunity which would allow all your bills to be paid along with causing you to be debt free.  Do you believe God can do it?

You may be looking for your needs to be met within your marriage because you feel your spouse doesn’t understand you.  God has the power to meet your needs, save your marriage, and preserve your entire family.  Do you believe God can do it?

God is miraculous God, but he needs something to work with from us.

What does he need from us?

We need to open up when opportunity knocks.  Don’t let it knock too long because you may miss your opportunity.  And who said that your opportunity would knock on the door.  Your opportunity may knock on a windowpane.  It may not be the front door, but it may be the back door.

No matter where opportunity knocks, be ready to open up and accept the bountiful blessings God has for your life.


What are your plans for the month of November? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)


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