2 Reasons Why The Truth Is Better Than A Lie


It’s not hard to figure out the difference between a right and a wrong, just as it’s easy to distinguish the truth from a lie.  We hear people say all the time, “I told a little white lie.”  Well, I would agree with this to a certain extent.

Are there differences between lies?

Why yes!  There are black lies, white lies, small lies, big lies, short lies, long lies, children lies, adult lies, work lies, school lies, church lies, home lies, verbal lies, nonverbal lies, etc.

As you may know, sometimes it’s what we don’t say that can be a lie.

Regardless of what kind of lie we are talking about, at the end of the day a lie is a lie.

Anything besides the truth is a LIE.


Let’s talk about why we need to tell the truth.

2 Reasons Why The Truth Is Better Than A Lie


1. Reliability

When you tell the truth, people believe you are a reliable source of information.  Without a doubt, they know you will consistently tell the truth.

The key word is consistency.

However, you should know, all it takes is one lie to discredit your reliability.  Once you have undermined your reliability, you will always be suspicious to the person or people you lied to.

Life’s not over when this happens, but it will take time to regain your reliability.

Why?  Because reliability is dependent on time and consistency.

2. Validity

When a person lies, that person’s validity escapes them.  Validity deals with factualness or soundness of what we say or do.

If we were to walk outside and the sky is an obvious clear, beautiful blue sky.

What would happen, if seconds later I tried to convince you the sky was a beautiful orange hue?

First, you would ask me, “Are you color blind?”  Second, you would say, “All jokes aside, do you seriously believe the sky is orange?”

If I were not color blind, you would question my validity especially when it comes to differentiating colors.  And you would possibly question my factualness with other things.

I know this is a basic illustration, but the same principle even applies to the highest form of leadership.

Once we lose either reliability or validity, we then cause others to question our credibility.

Low credibility causes serious trust issues in any relationship.


These rules apply personally and professionally.

If you are a business owner, work supervisor, church clergyman, speaker, writer, entertainer, politician, or any other leader in an industry; credibility will make or break your leadership.

Truth is a life builder, but lying is a life destroyer.



Action: Tell the truth and let people decide what they would like to do with the truth.  Whatever you do, don’t lie and have people believing a lie.  It never ends well.

Question(s): Would you rather be told a lie or the truth? (Please leave a comment below.)

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