During my last nine years of training, coaching, and consulting with various leaders, I have recognized the need for all leaders to mature.  Even the best leaders need growth.

No matter where we are in life, we all can get better.  Many times we try to “reinvent the wheel” to grow our businesses and ourselves by focusing on our external outcomes, when all we need to do is fine-tune a few things internally.

“External growth and productivity begins with growth from within a person or business.”

Leadership is often misunderstood.  Some people may consider leadership being a specific position, but I would disagree.  Although you may be in a position of supervising people, that doesn’t necessarily make you a leader.  A leader is a person with influence and followers.

I do believe we are all leading someone, but that doesn’t mean we are all good leaders.  So how do we become good leaders?

There are three characteristics at the core of every good leader. The characteristics are gifts, which solidifies a good leader.

1. The gift of speaking with clarity and positivity.  If you were unable to speak, you would understand the gift of just being able to speak.  Good leaders not only appreciate the gift of speaking, but also they are aware of the importance of speaking with clarity and positivity.

- Speaking with clarity is speaking with clearness, understanding, or transparency.  If you plan on being a effective leader, your followers have to be able to understand your vision.  Without clarity, followers are left in the dark and it causes confusion.  Growth is a challenge in the presence of confusion.

How to speak with clarity?  Compare what your followers actually believe to what you perceive they are receiving from your message.  You may discover a disconnection from your message and your follower’s perception because of lack of clarity.

- Speaking with positivity is speaking with confidence, full assurance, or absolutes.  I have always said, “There’s enough negative in this life, so focus on the positive.”  Progressing in any area of your life starts has everything to do with speaking positive and believing.  Sometimes speaking positive begins with believing, but other times believing starts speaking positive.

How to speak with positivity?  Good leaders are able to speak with clarity and positivity even during difficult times.  We are leaders because we are able to see the good during the bad.  Discover what your followers perceive as impossible and speak positive regarding the team’s ability to accomplish the goal.

2. The gift of marrying their words and actions.  One of the cool things about getting married is process of two unique individuals becoming one.

We have seen many leaders speak a great game, but lack action.  As a leader, you words and actions have to become one.  We are speaking of integrity.  Good leaders are able to live with integrity by living with good sound character and honesty.  In every situation, good leaders seek to do the right thing.  This defines the legacy of a leader.

How to marry your words and actions?  It’s pretty simple, don’t promise or say anything you will not do.  Just remember, “Your word is your bond.”  Meaning what you say, you will do.

3. The gift of being vulnerable.  Many people will consider being vulnerable a weakness.  Good leaders know it is a great way to connect with their followers.  The truth of the matter is no one is perfect.  When people feel or see that someone is perfect, it can be hard to follow perfection because we all are imperfect.

How to be vulnerable?  Don’t be afraid to share your story of imperfection without making it all about you.  Your followers want to know how your vision will help them.

We all want to be good at what we do, but being a good leader starts with working on these foundational characteristics within you.  Better your leadership by capitalizing on these gifts.  When you are able to enhance your leadership, you will find more opportunities to progress your life and dreams.

Question: How do you define leadership?  And what do you believe makes a good leader?

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

MTN Universal, LLC

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