3 Opportunities of a Lifetime


Never pass up an opportunity to FEEL, LIVE, or LOVE life.


Life is an amazing adventure with many ups & downs and highs & lows.  I try to enjoy every moment of life because you never know where it will take you.  We have heard many times, “Life is short.”  No matter how short or long life may be, don’t miss The 3 Opportunities Of A Lifetime.

1. Feel Life


We were created to feel our way through life.  We shouldn’t try to justify any negative actions of our own because I’m a big proponent of personal accountability.  However, we are human.  And humans make mistakes.  We are expected to take risk and fail.  God knew when he created us that we wouldn’t get it right all the time.  It’s part of life.  We feel our way through life.  To feel life is to make a connection with life.  No matter what happens we are connected and in tune with life.  Read Tune Up to Get In Tune (click link) to discover the most important part of tuning up your life.

Every victory and defeat is an opportunity of a lifetime.  It’s another opportunity to grow, plant a seed, develop your mind, or to help someone else.  I am big on enjoying the moment.  If you know anything about me, you know I love “people watching.”  I like to soak up any information that could possibly teach and inspire my life’s journey.  So I can sit in one spot for hours and watch the various relationships between associates, friends, work colleagues, siblings, children, spouses, etc.  It’s part of experiencing life and learning from any stimuli.  Don’t get so caught up in your Daily To Do’s or Weekly Obligations that you forget to experience life.  Win, lose, or draw; just remember, we were created to make connections to the things we see, hear, and feel.  So stop and look around.  You have beautiful things within your reach.  It may be your children.  It may be the beauty of God’s nature.  Whatever it may be, stop and connect.  Feel Life.

2. Live Life


Experiencing life is great, but I think we must take it a step further and Live Life.  Most of us love people who are the “life of the party.”  We love being around them because we see them having fun and always enjoying the moment.  We all know someone like this.  Why do we like being around these people?  Several reasons, but primarily because theses people don’t sit back and watch the show.  Not only do they feel life, but they get involved and leave a long lasting impression.  These people are able to bring extraordinary energy to any situation.

They don’t care about how many people are at an event.  It could be 10,000 people or just 10 people.  They don’t worry about walking into less desirable situations.  Their primary objectives are to show up, get settle in, and make the best out of whatever situation it may be.  These people are always present and accounted for where there are successful events.

3. Love Life


Lastly, you must discover a love for life.  To love life means to have a profound passion for it.  When you love life you don’t wake up with any negative thoughts about your day.  You know everyday is a privilege and that living is much better than dying.

People who love life find that Monday’s are just as great as Friday’s.  It may sound crazy, but if you love life that means you love everything about life whether it be good or bad.  Love the people in your space.  Try to work your problems out, but love your problems.  Love your accomplishments.  Love the small and large victories.  Love your defeats.  Love your friends and your enemies.  Love Life.


I will end like I started, “Never pass up an opportunity to FEEL, LIVE, or LOVE life.”


Are you making the most of your opportunities of a lifetime? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)


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