3 Powerful Ways to Market Yourself


One time.  That is it.  You may only have one time to market yourself.

It is easy to take for granted first impressions.

I had an opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle of my daily work responsibilities to market with a few medical doctors.  I want to share just a few things that I observed from my marketing efforts that will help you personally or professionally.

Believe it or not, we are all marketers.  The question is - What are you marketing?

What is Marketing?


I believe everyone knows what defines marketing.  If not, marketing is just communicating the value of a product.

You have a product, but what is your product?  Personally, your product may be your smile, a word of encouragement, the ability to listen, etc.  Professionally, your product may be an actual piece of merchandise or a skill set.  Regardless of whether we are speaking of personal or professional marketing, we all have a product to market.

If you are unsure of what your product is, then think about those things most important to you.  For example, I have been blessed to be part of several different business ventures, but there are three responsibilities that outweigh any of my business ventures.

Three of my greatest responsibilities are being a Christian, being a husband, and being a father.  Yes, in that order.  Because of my three great responsibilities, I know my greatest products are these three things.

What are your personal and professional products?  Write your products down, and then keep reading.

Now you have an idea about what your product may be.  The next big question would be - How are you communicating your product?

We all know how to communicate, but we will always be improving when it comes to our communication skills.   It will certainly be these case when it comes to marketing our product.  It is great to have a product, but the biggest concern when it comes marketing is communicating your product.

Since I started talking about my greatest responsibilities being my product, let’s discuss how to communicate these products.  As a Christian, my daily walk with Christ is the way I communicate the product of my Christianity.  As a husband, my communication is my daily unconditional love for my wife.  As a father, my communication is my daily love, support, and commitment to them and God.

3 Powerful Ways to Market Yourself


With the same sheet of paper you wrote down your products, now I want you to write down how you communicate those products.  I want to share with you 3 powerful that help you communicate these products in a more effective way if you are not already doing it.

1. Discover Your Product.  We have discussed this point, but I must add that this is one of the greatest ways of discovering purpose for your life.  Marketing is all about COMMUNICATION.  Well, we can’t communicate what we don’t know we have.  You must recognize the gifts you have been blessed with to properly market yourself.  Some of us have similar gifts, but we also have unique gifts that make us very different and marketable personally and professionally.

2. Communicate Your Product.  Remember our products can different things, but in a nutshell our product is who we are.  It is our personality, patience, love, caring, compassion, thoughtfulness, drive, self-reliance, integrity, passion, faith, willpower, communication, etc.  These are just a few qualities that define our product, but also communicate our product.  You shouldn’t have to shout your product out loud, but you should communicate your product with the way you live whether it is personally or professionally.

3. Stay True to Your Product.  Once you have discovered and communicated your product, there will be others who will doubt you and may cause you to start to doubt yourself.  Whatever you do, stay true to your product.  The loyalty to your product will provide amazing opportunities to promote your life personally and professionally.

The power in marketing yourself is simply being you.  The best marketers are able to make the most of every opportunity in order to leave a long-lasting impression.  If you are able to leave enough long-lasting impressions on others, you will find yourself leaving a dynamic impact on our world.


Question: How are you currently marketing yourself?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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