Labor Day is Federal Holiday started in 1882.  Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contributions any worker has made to the strength, prosperity, growth, and well-being of our beautiful country.

"If we all do a little, together we can make a big difference in our world."

Whether you love your job or not, it is a privilege to have a job.  With the staggering unemployment statistics over the last two decades, anyone with a job should be happy.  However, it is important to do something you love.

Today is a great day to pause and reflect on the positives of having a job.  Regardless of if we work in or out of the home, we daily face the pressures of checking emails, meeting work/client expectations, and organizing projects.

At the end of everyday is great time to reflect on the positives, but especially today because of Labor Day.  So let's look at 3 reasons to be happy you have a job.

1.  Compensation.  You may not be making the money you would like to make.  Matter fact, if I asked any working person if they would like a raise, every working person would say "yes."  Even those at the top of the white collar working class believe they could be paid more.  You may deserve more money, but remember what the money you are receiving is affording you.

2.  Scarcity of jobs.  I believe this is an obvious point.  Although, there are some professions with more opportunity than others.

3.  The challenge.  I hope you have a job that challenges you.  One of the best things a job can do for you is challenge you.  If you are being challenged, you may think you would enjoy that kind of job.  But when you are not challenged, you would only finds yourself bored and undervalued.  The challenge not only keeps you sharp, but it prepares you for future jobs.

You may not love or like your job, but there are reasons to be happy you have a job.

Happy working!

Question: Why are you happy to have a job?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

MTN Universal, LLC

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