3 Reasons to Have a Grateful Attitude


Attitude is EVERYTHING!

A big part of our attitude should be having a heart of gratitude.  I believe most of us have appreciative hearts, but sometimes we don’t acknowledge how, what, or why we are grateful.  Without a grateful heart, we will find ourselves being ungrateful.

How do you know if you are ungrateful?

There is a distinct difference when we compare a grateful attitude versus an ungrateful attitude.  So what’s the difference between a grateful and an ungrateful attitude?  Here are some words that would describe both attitudes:

Grateful Attitude








Ungrateful Attitude











A person may not demonstrate all of these descriptions with either attitude, but you will be able to see at least 2-3 of these descriptions with either attitude.

3 Reasons to have a grateful attitude

We have many reasons to have a grateful attitude, but there are three we just cannot overlook.

#1 You Have a Gift

It’s true.  You have been gifted with life.

Earlier this week, I received news of a good friend of mine passing.  Every time I encounter death of a friend or an unfamiliar,  it causes me to reflect on how good life is.

Every single day we are able to open our eyes, we should be over-joyed and grateful for being gifted with life.

What’s more important than living life?

When we understand the gift of life, we open it with enthusiasm, passion, and gratefulness.

#2 You Have a Choice

You always have a choice.

We weren’t created to function as robots.  Whether we make good or bad decisions, everyday we are decisive about certain things in our lives.  We should have a grateful attitude because of our ability to choose.

Ever since the beginning of time, God created us with free will.  Without doubt, we have fewer choices to make at a younger age due to parental guidance.  However, as adults we are forced to make choices of all kinds all day such as eating, dieting, working out, job performance, etc.  So believe or not, you always have a choice.  We know how important it is to make the right decisions, but my focus today is on celebrating our free will to choose.  It is certainly a reason to be grateful.

#3 You Have Distinction

I am so grateful that God made just one of me.  I am one of a kind.  Out of all the millions of people in our world, you won’t find another person like me.  And the same is true for you.

You are different!  You have a unique way of smiling, talking, walking, working, parenting, thinking, living, and loving.  You are unique and no one else will ever be able to possess your uniqueness.  Why?  Because you have distinction.  When we able to feel this this distinction, we live with a better sense of gratefulness.

We aren’t jealous of others.  Matter fact, we are happy when others are doing well because it becomes an inspiration to us.  Live with distinction and settle yourself in the ocean of gratefulness.

As stated previously, we have many reasons why we should have a grateful attitude.  Display your grateful attitude and watch your life become more purposeful.  Just remember, you will attract whatever you release into the lives of others.

What are some other reasons why we should have a grateful attitude?  Please leave a comment below, send me a tweet on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook.