3 Reasons Why Humor Will Help You Lead


Leaders have many things in common, but every leader leads with a different individual personality and leadership style.

No matter your individual personality or leadership style, you may want to incorporate some humor into your leadership.  Take a look at this video and you may see why.

All right, I hope your laughing a little bit.  Okay, maybe just a smirk.  I use to love watching Popeye as child.  Along with my father and other mentors, maybe I learned some of my leadership skills from Popeye.  On a little more serious note, I really do believe there are 3 reasons why a little humor will help your leadership.

I’m not suggesting for you to make a career change.  I’m not asking for you to spend countless hours finding or creating funny material to make your followers laugh.  Let me be very clear.  “PLEASE DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!”  Unless your dreams include being a comedian and you have some experience, don’t stop doing what you are currently skillfully doing.

3 Reasons Why Humor Will Help You Lead


Looking back in history, humor has been around for quite a while.  The ancient Greeks derived the word humor from “humoral medicine” because they believed humor was medicine for the human body.  They taught that humor assisted in balancing the fluids of the body, therefore controlling human health and emotion.  Most cultures have benefited from humor, which brought about the phrase “Sense of humor.”

When it comes to your leadership, I do believe a leader needs a little “Sense of humor.”  Don’t over do it.  And whatever you do, don’t be distasteful with your humor.  But there are opportunities everyday to incorporate humor without compromising your leadership.  Here are 3 reasons why humor will help you lead.

1. Humor will create positive energy for you and your team.  If you are leading a team, your team needs positive energy.  Your team will face many challenges with bringing your vision to reality, so try to infuse some humor here and there as the leader of your team.

You never can have enough positive energy.  It can be a great driving force for you vision.

2. Humor will decrease your stress as a leader.  Not only does you team need humor, but individually humor will help you.  As a leader of various businesses and organizations, I will tell you that humor helps.  There are times when situations are more complicated that expected, but a little humor will help decrease the complexity of the situation.

Humor will not make the situation easier, but it may help with your attitude, mindset, or perspective regarding the situation.  Because as you well know,

“Attitude is everything.”


3. Humor will strengthen your leadership.  This may be a hard point to believe, but it is true.  There is something about a leader who can smile, cry, and more importantly laugh with his or her team.

Yes, humor creates positive energy with your team helping your leadership.  In the same manner, laughing with your team helps to validate your leadership because you show them you are real and that you don’t take yourself too serious.

It is important for a leader to take things serious from the feelings of your followers, your tasks, goals, objectives, etc.  However, it is a good thing for your followers to see you in a different light.

People want a leader that will lead and be serious, but also at the end of the day people want a leader who will laugh and have a great time.  When this dynamic happens, it will only strengthen your leadership.

If you haven’t been using humor with your leadership, you may not be capitalizing on every aspect of your leadership.  Discover appropriate ways of infusing some humor in your leadership.  Don’t take yourself so serious all the time, but find a way to laugh every once in a while.  Let your followers see you laugh.

Humor isn’t the key to great leadership, but it is one way you could enhance your leadership.  Use it sparingly, but let it help you lead.


Question: When have you utilized humor with your leadership?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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