3 Reasons Why Leaders are Grateful


Good leaders can be hard to find, but when you find a good leader you will have no problems following him or her.

One thing that makes a good leader is his  or her ability to be grateful.  You have seen these practices, but let’s talk about 3 reasons why leaders are grateful.

3 Reasons Why Leaders are Grateful


Every leader wants to be at his or her best at all times.  Although no leader can be at his or her best at all times, but leaders can be grateful at all times.  So why are good leaders grateful?

1. Leaders are thankful for their abilities.  Anyone can be a leader, but you will need a special skill set.  Without skill or ability, it will be hard to get anyone to follow you.  In 6 Misunderstandings about Great Leaders (click link), we discussed that leaders aren’t born.  Leaders are made.

Leaders are made by their ability to…

- Prepare,

- Plan,

- Prioritize,

- Communicate,

- Collaborate,

- Take Ownership,

- Delegate,

- Be Humble, and

- Be Grateful.

The list above is a short list, but all these abilities come from a plethora of learning processes.

Leaders aren’t perfect, but they understand the process of nourishing and developing their abilities.  Good leaders are aware of the unique skill set they bring to the table and never take it for granted.

2. Leaders are thankful for their followers.  Most leaders are in touch with what really makes them a leader.  More than anything, to be a leader you need followers.  We discussed this in 6 Habits of Great Leaders (click link).

One of the most important abilities of a leader is being able to influence people.  Where does this influence come from?  Michael McKinney said,

“Leadership is intentional influence.”


The abilities we discussed earlier in this blog are the way intentional influence is gained by a leader.  The more a leader equips him or herself will determine his or her level of influence, which directly impacts how many followers he or she will lead.

3. Leaders are thankful for their experiences.  The greatest teacher in life is experience.  Whether your experiences are positive or negative, they will help you grow quickly if you are willing to learn from them.

It is no surprise that no one wants to go through negative experiences.  However when I talk to people about leadership, I always discuss how we learn more from our negative experiences.

Good leaders have grateful hearts.  They don’t take for granted their abilities, followers, or experiences.  If you are not grateful as a leader, I challenge you to be grateful and watch your scope of influence expand.


Question: What are you grateful for as a leader?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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