3 Reasons Why Positive Self-Talk is Necessary


Many people are turned off when they hear the topic of self-talk, but self-talk is necessary if it is positive.

We all have a little voice in our heads.  The question is - Is your inner voice positive or negative?

How many times have you spoke positive or negative words and what you spoke ended up becoming a reality?  Why does this happen?  This happens because what we speak comes directly from our hearts.  And whatever is in our hearts, we will make it a priority to major on those things.

In this short blog, I want to discuss 3 Reasons Why Positive Self-Talk is Necessary.

3 Reasons Why Positive Self-Talk is Necessary


Reason #3 - To Silence the Negative Self-Talk.  We all want to be successful, but it is hard to be successful with negative self-talk.  Negative self-talk will talk you out of any success meant of your life.  Negative self-talk will have you doubting, hating, indecisive, uncertain, and skeptical about your life’s purpose.  To quiet those voices, you will need positive self-talk.

Reason #2 - To Keep You Focused.  Positive self-talk not only silents the inner negative voice, but it also helps you to focus on the accomplishments you need to achieve.  Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, positive self-talk reminds you of the process and strategies needed to meet your goals.  The more focused you are will give you the better opportunity to be successful.

Reason #1 - To Increase Opportunities to Prosper.  The number one reason to practice positive self-talk is to increase your opportunities to prosper.  Who doesn’t want an opportunity to prosper?  If you are a consistent reader of my blogs, you know how I define prosperity.  Prosperity has nothing to do with any materialistic gains, but it has everything to do moving forward.  When you discover ways of moving forward, you will discover a great deal of success in any area of your life.


Question: Why do you need positive self-talk in you life?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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