3 Reasons Why You Need a Team


Have you ever been part of an unproductive team?

If you have experienced ineffective teamwork, you know how much of a challenge it can be.  It is hard enough trying to achieve excellence with great teamwork, but it is much harder and almost impossible without teamwork.

Help is needed to accomplish any of our goals, aspirations, and dreams.  I was once told, “If you can accomplish your dream by yourself, your dream isn’t BIG enough.”

The Function of a Team


Working as a team is an interesting concept.  Why?  Because when we work as a team, we accept the challenge of trusting others.

“Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.” ~ Isaac Watts


Functioning as a team can be a challenge.  It’s just like putting a puzzle together.  Every piece is needed, but no one piece is the same.

Although everyone on your team will bring unique differences, the primary function of your team will be to work towards the common goal of achieving your dreams.

Why You Need a Team


1. It makes the job easier.  You have heard this cliché many times, “Work smart, not hard.”  Well, a leader does both.  He or she will have to work hard and smart.  I have never met a leader that did not work hard on his or her dream.

Because you will be working hard, select a great team that will help you with the smart portion.  Trust me, there will still be plenty of opportunities for you to work hard even with a great team assisting you with working smart.

2. It holds you accountable.  Whether you are starting a diet, workout program, or a business; it is always good to have a team holding you accountable.

It is easy to commit to an idea with no one holding us accountability, but the “rubber meets the road” once we develop team to hold ourselves accountable.

3. It provides a sense of community.  There’s nothing like having someone who is supportive of what you are attempting to do.  It may be something simple, but knowing you have someone always in your corner at the end of the day is a big plus.

Having a team is helpful on so many levels.  I have had the privilege to be part of some great teams in my career.  When you are attempting to achieve new heights in life, don’t forget that one of the most important keys in getting to the next level is teamwork.


Question: What has been your most successful experience in working with a team?   Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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