3 Reasons Why You Need Joy



There are many people pursuing happiness, but how many people are also pursuing joy.  I am not here to discourage a person from being happy.  Matter fact, I hope happiness fills your life.

However, more than happiness, I pray for joy over your life.

You may be asking yourself, “why joy?”

Here are 3 reasons why you need joy.

Reason #1 - Joy’s Function

Happiness is defined by the state of good fortune, pleasure, or contentment.  Whereas, joy is chara in the Greek language and is described as a calm delight.

It great to be happy, but what if you are experiencing misfortune?

During misfortune, your happiness can and will disappear.  That’s when you will need joy.  Joy is present during good and bad times. It is present when the sun decides to shine or if the sun decides to hide.  Joy is present when the skies are clear or when storms are near.  Joy’s function is to keep you calm, which leads to reason #2.

Reason #2 - Joy’s Fortitude

Joy has the ability to endure.  If a situation is looking bleak, you will need the fortitude of joy to stabilize your position.

The fortitude of joy deals with duration.  When a person has joy, it isn’t just for a day.  In other words, joy doesn’t take you on a mental roller coaster.  We’ve all experienced times of being up one day and down the next.  But, joy doesn’t throw you in a whirlwind chaos, but the fortitude of joy pulls you out of confusion and disarray.

Reason #3 - Joy’s Facilitation

Joy facilitates consistent success and achievement.

Joy assists you in choosing the most efficient ways of making decisions and living a productive life.  It will help you with discernment financially, socially, spiritually, and professionally.  It will guide your entire decision making process with a positive calmness, which will permit you to make smarter decisions to move your life in the right direction.


Action: Not only do you want to seek to be happy, but seek to be joyful.  Once you possess joy, you will find life to be filled with positive experiences.

Question(s): What can joy do for your life? (Please leave a comment below.)

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