3 Steps to Turn Nothing into Something


Success does not depend on what you start with, but success depends on what you do with what you have within your possession.


It is hard to believe that most successful people and organizations start with little to nothing.  With that said, what do the successful do that is different than most other people?

When you take a close look into the life of the successful, you will discover their uncanny ability to turn nothing into something.  If you follow these three steps, you will find yourself living a successful life as well.

Step 1 - Know Your Story


Life is full of challenges and opportunities.  One of the reasons why the successful are able to turn nothing into something is because they know the importance of their story.  We all have a unique story.

Do you know your story?  Better yet, do you know how to gain inspiration from your story?

We all have overcome some form of difficulty when we look back over our lives.  Use those life experiences to turn your nothing into something.

Step 2 - Change Your Attitude


We did not have much when I was a child, but my siblings and I never felt like we were lacking anything.  Rather than encouraging video game play, instead my parents would send us outside to play.  We made up most of our games with our imagination because we just did not have latest and newest toys and games.

We have the unique ability to turn nothing into something as children, but somehow we end up losing the ability to be creative and imaginative.  Think about all the structures we created as children from LEGO’s, Building Blocks, sticks, rocks, and dirt.

“All it takes is a change in attitude to turn your nothing into something.”


The successful are able turn nothing into something because they trust their ingenuity.  Instead of getting bogged down with the adult cares of this world, they are able to CHANGE their attitudes to be more open and creative.

Step 3 - Believe in Your Ability to Change


You have established your story and now have changed your attitude to a more creative one.  What’s next?  Like the successful, you have to believe in your ability to turn nothing into something.  If you don’t believe, no one else will.

Believing has everything to do with positive visualization.  When you believe, you are able to see people, things, and your dreams in a positive light.

I do not know what your nothing is, but it’s time to turn that nothing into something.

Following these three steps will not only turn your nothing into something, but it will allow you to step into the circle of the successful.


Question: What in your life needs to be turned from nothing to something?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
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