As much as we would like to have all positive things in our lives, there is a need for a little negative.

I think it is quite interesting how many of the success stories of great leaders started with an unfortunate beginning.  I’m still working on being a “great” leader, but I can definitely relate to the unfortunate beginning piece.

We All Have A Story

As a child, my siblings and I did not have much.  There were many contributing factors such as family history, father and mother made some mistakes young, etc.  Regardless of what contributed to our unfortunate beginnings, it made times hard.

My father and mother are some of the greatest leaders I’ve ever known.  Along with them, I have found commonalities in other leaders.  Most leaders we would deem great had some form of an unfortunate beginning to their leadership, which set up a remarkable story and testimony for them to share with others.

Okay, I know someone may feel urged to create some unfortunate situation.  I wouldn’t suggest this strategy because the longer you live and take risk, you will have your fair share of unfortunate situations.  You don’t have to look for them.  After all, having an unfortunate beginning doesn’t guarantee the success of a leader.  What guarantees the success of your leadership is how you tell your story.

Each of us has a story and some form of testimonies.

What is your story?  How are you sharing you story?  Can your story guarantee the success of your leadership?

3 Strategies To Guarantee Success

I would like to share three strategies the best leaders utilize to gain traction when it comes to leadership, which is influence.  These three strategies will allow you to leverage your unfortunate situation to help you become the leader you need to be.

1. Reflect on your story.  First, you have to be able to recall your past.  Many times, we are told to “let the past be the past.”  But in this situation, remembering your past unfortunate situations / challenges will help with your success.  Before you can share your story, you have to know the details of your story.  If you can’t remember all the details, talk to someone who knows and experienced the unfortunate situation with you.

2. Share your story.  Once you have the details, now you can tell your story.  There is nothing more dynamic than sharing a story.  Stories help us connect with any information being presented.

3. Capitalize on your story.  Don’t be ashamed of your story.  Regardless of whether you think it is dynamic or not, your story is unique.

The Impact of Sharing Your Story

Maya Angelou said,

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Walt Disney also knew the impact of telling a story.  He said,

“Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.”

You may not be using animation as a medium to tell your story, but utilize the resources you have available because the key is telling your story.

The impact of sharing our stories is three-fold.

1) We leave behind a legacy.  No matter what we are involved in, we as humans like to hear stories of people overcoming adversity.  Our stories educate and inspire others success.

2) We make it easier for people to relate to us.  When we are able to share our stories with clarity and transparency, it makes it easier for others to connect to us.  And as I always say, “Life is about relationships.”

3) We release ourselves from our own stories.  The last and final impact of sharing our stories is releasing ourselves from the past misfortunes.  No matter what we experience in our past, I believe we can write our own futures.  Before we can move forward to future success, we have to know the past and let it motivate us.

Just remember, we all experience unfortunate situations.  Also, we all have a story to share that can stimulate greater levels of success in every aspect of our lives.  Live with an abundance of peace and prosperity by practicing these strategies.

Question: What’s your story?  How have you been utilizing your story?

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

MTN Universal, LLC

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