3 Things You Can Learn From Your Mistakes


Mistakes are the greatest teachers in life.


The best lessons learned in life are from the bad decisions we make.  No one likes making mistakes, but mistakes can be the greatest teacher in life.  I want to share 3 reasons why mistakes are the greatest teachers in life.

1. Don’t Press The Issue


Usually those who press the issue are the ones who make mistakes.  Why?  Those who press the issue usually try to hard.  We tend to rush things when we try to hard, which causes us to act out of character.  Some decisions require a quick resolve, but not all decisions.

Experience and time will share with you learning opportunities when you press the issue.  Survey you decision-making and see how many great decisions you make when you make quick decisions.  You will learn the percentage of success with your quick decisions.

2. Discover Your Boundaries


Your mistakes will teach you your limits.  I am not telling you to accept your limitations.  But once you discover your limitations, you will discover what areas you need to work on to spread your boundaries.

Anyone that has done anything great understands we all have limitations.  Instead of being defined by limitations rather grow from your limitations.  The greatest CEO’s and organizations discover their limitations and set up great teams around them to help push pass their limitations.  You may not own a business, but you can do something to offset your personal limitations.  Surround yourself with people that help you push pass your limitations.

3. Delight In The Present


Our mistakes will teach us to live in the present.  We will stop focusing on the past or looking to the future because we will start making the best out the present.  You have heard many people using should’ve, would’ve, and could’ve.  Get pass your past and enjoy the present of today.  Live in the moment and appreciate life.


Turn your mistakes into opportunities to learn and grow.  What is it that you want to do?  What goals do you have?  Whatever it is, just remember that our mistakes are our greatest teachers.  Live and learn from your mistakes.


What can you start learning from your mistakes? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)


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