3 Ways of Taking Care of Unfinished Business


Everyday we face challenges of juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities.  Are you in a relationship of any kind?  Do you have kids?  Are you employed?  Do you have a home or vehicle?

There are many other questions we can ask each other.  If we answer yes to any of these questions, then we have obligations that cannot be ignored.

Whether you are own or work for a Fortune 500 company, there will always be new challenges and tasks for you to complete.

You may be stay-at-home mom.  Or perhaps, you are retired.  Many of my retired clients say they are busier than ever.  We all are busy no matter our age or career.

I was told by a mentor, “You will never be able to empty your inbox.”  And he is right.  No matter how many emails or text I am able to remove from my inbox from completing a task, there always seems to be a new task or responsibility in my inbox.

Are you familiar with this feeling?

Even when we are able to “catch up” at work, somehow there always seems to be something else to do.  I know you are familiar with this feeling.

There will always be something to tend to, work on, and to complete.  Usually we all have so much to do that we don’t know where to start.

In our discussion, let’s talk about three ways of taking care of unfinished business.

1. Prioritize.  Recognize what most important to the success of your day.  If it is your business, figure out the most important business needs of the day.  Also, realize those things that aren’t as important and move those things to the bottom of the list.  With many of my clients, I have found people focus more on the things at the bottom of the list.  We can’t expect success if we are focusing on the things of least importance.

“Don’t major on the minor.”

2. Focus.  After you have made a list of priorities, then focus all your energy and time on those things that matter most.  Don’t let anything distract you from seeing your project from start to finish.  Do whatever it takes because remember it is that important according to your priority list.

3. Complete the task and move to your next adventure.  Once you have done your very best and the task is completed, then it is time to move on to your next adventure.  My mother would always use this phrase.  She would say, “On to the next adventure.”  Whether things turned out great or average, my mother taught me to do my best and move on to the next challenge.  Don’t get caught up in “praising your past accomplishments” or “feeling down because of your past failure.”  Learn from it all and move forward!  There are new adventures awaiting you.

Take care of your unfinished business by prioritizing, focusing, and moving to your next adventure.

Question: What unfinished business needs your attention and the three strategies we discussed today?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

MTN Universal, LLC

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