3 Ways to Hurdle Life’s Challenges


No one is perfect.  We all will fall at some point in our lives, but find a way to increase your success by hurdling life's challenges.


Hurdling has been around since 1864.  It is the act of running and jumping over an obstacle.

Sounds like life, right?

From the moment we wake until the time our heads hit the pillow; we are faced with challenges we need to hurdle.  Let me share 3 ways to hurdle life’s challenges to make your life more successful because 2014 is rapidly coming to an end and there is no reason for your 2015 not to be better than 2014.

With these 3 ways of hurdling life’s challenges, I believe you will discover the following:

- Enhanced life purpose,

- Healthier balance for your life,

- Improvements financially,

- Better work productivity, etc.

1. Prepare for the Obstacle


Do you remember a time when you were unprepared for a challenge?  I believe we have all experienced the feeling of being unprepared.  We feel unsure, unready, caught off guard, vulnerable, surprised, unskilled, and untrained.  No matter whether you are adept or a novice in your profession, these feelings of unpreparedness will resound loudly if you are unprepared at any given time.

I conducted many business and church meeting in my time.  I have found if I am more prepared, I am more productive with my meeting.  I feel more confident, my team members are more responsive, and it leads to great solutions.  There are certainly different levels of preparedness.  A person 10 days prepared is always better off than a person 1-2 days prepared.

You may or may not be leading business meetings, but preparation is key in every aspect of our lives.  Business owners, parents, clergymen/clergywomen, athletes, and others all alike have to prepare if success is going to be part of the plan.  So prepare for your obstacles.

Certainly all things in life will not allow for a long preparation period, but we have to take advantage of any preparation time that’s available.  Seek out as much information about the obstacles you will have to face.  Examine how tall the obstacle may be, how fast is the obstacle approaching, and how obstacle are present.  This information will be of great value to assist you in positioning yourself over your obstacles.

2. Position over the Obstacle


It’s important to be in the right place at the right time.

“Success is all about positioning.”


If we aren’t positioned properly, the challenge may trip us up.  For that reason, everyone should figure out his or her own success position.  Your success position is whatever gives you the best chance at hurdling your obstacle.

You have seen the obstacle from a distance allowing you to prepare, now it’s time for you to hurdle the obstacle.  Hurdling our challenges takes action.

Looking back at all the meetings I have conducted during my career, preparation led to perfect positioning or execution.  The more prepared I am, it has always put me in an excellent position to execute the plan I prepared.

Just remember, positioning is all about action and execution of plan.  It is the steps it will take to jump over the obstacles in your life.  Don’t let your obstacles run you over or trip you up, take action and hurdle over your challenges one step at a time.

3. Progress past the Obstacle


Once I have hurdled a challenge in my life, you will not find me turning around and attempting to revisit the same hurdle or challenge I just jumped over.  Matter fact, never have I seen a hurdler jump a hurdle then look back to admire the last jump.

“For you to have a successful 2015, you will need to move forward without looking back.”


Whatever you do, don’t look back.  Move forward and progress your life.


Question: What challenges will you have to hurdle to make 2015 a successful year?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
MTN Universal, LLC
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