3 Ways to Increase Your Value and Improve Your Life


Before you can help someone else you first need to know how to help yourself.


No one else will find time to improve you, but you.

How serious are you about improving yourself?  There are many ways to improve yourself, but what are the most important things you can do to improve you?

You will to increase you value if you are looking to move to the next level in your life.  I don’t know what your next level is, but I do know that we should always be moving up or forward in life.  How do we do this?  Increasing our value in life.

What is value?

We are looking purchase something of value whether we shopping for groceries or clothes.  We don’t walk in a store and just buy anything.  We shop for the item that has the greatest value to us.

Everyone in our world is shopping for something.  Are you on their list?  Are you valuable enough for them to take a chance on you?  It applies professionally and personally.  No one will take a chance on you if they don’t feel you will add value to their life or their organization.

So what is value?

Value is adding worth, raising the level importance, being beneficial, or making something more significant.  All the people in world that hold positions causing them to make 6 figures or more have made themselves valuable in their markets.

So today, let’s talk about 3 ways to increase your value and improve your life.

#1 Find Time


You must find time to improve you.  No excuse known to man is good enough to stop you from investing in yourself.

It’s important to set aside a little time daily to invest in yourself.  The question is, “What will you be doing during that time to invest in yourself?”  And the answer should be, “Whatever it takes.”

It may be reading book.  It may be attending a conference.  It may be searching the Internet for resources.  You will be researching and learning during this daily time you will set aside.  Just remember, if you don’t spend the time investing in yourself no one else will.  So you do “Whatever it takes.”

Your value begins to rise as you gain more knowledge and experience through this time you spend investing in yourself.

#2 Find a Team


Many people think they can do it on the own, but they couldn’t be more wrong.  You need a team to do anything great in this life.  You have probably heard the phrase, “It takes a team to achieve the dream.”

Improving your value in life is an important matter and should not be taken lightly.  Another phrase I grew up hearing was “You are whom you hang around.”  In some cases that statement may not be true, but in most cases it is quite accurate.

You need to be around people who will be able to increase your value.  It is impossible for someone to add value to your life if they haven’t discovered their own value and purpose.

I am not encouraging you to disconnect or disassociate with people that are already in your life, unless those individuals are pulling you down or decreasing your value.  There are some people who will drain your value and you won’t know it until it’s too late.  Why subject yourself to the pain of living with regrets because you surrounded yourself with the wrong people.

So surround yourself with the right people who will give you the right advice to increase your value and improve your life.

#3 Find a Way to Help


Don’t get so caught up in self that you forget to help someone else.  I know you can’t help the entire world.  No can help the entire world, but we can do little small things to give back.

At the end of the day, we were created to serve and help others.  Whether it is parenting, helping out at your church, blogging, helping a senior citizen carry groceries to her car, or feeding the homeless; do something and do it consistently.  And don’t ask for any pay from it.  Everything changes when start thinking about compensation.  Do it out of the goodness of your heart.  You will have plenty of opportunities to receive great compensation if you are helping other people.  The money will come.

You may be pressed for time, but I promise whatever it is can wait.  This will be a great opportunity for you to help someone, but more than anything you will be helping yourself.  You will discover God speaking directly to our heart during these times of helping others.  He will reveal greater opportunities for you to increase your value and improve your life.


Don’t just read this and go back to the normal, step out on faith and challenge your mind.  Make some changes.  Increase your value and watch your life improve tremendously.


What can you do today to increase you value? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)

Blessings of Peace and Prosperity,
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