3 Ways To Live A Productive Life


"A meaningful life is a productive life."



I don’t think anyone would turn down any opportunity to make their life more productive.

Our world has changed, which I know does not shock you.

We face more distractions than ever; expectations are higher; and everyone has an agenda for our lives.

With this in mind, we have to be on top of our game.  Not for others, but for ourselves.

So the first question is, “What is a productive life?”

A productive life can be defined as moving forward, which brings us to the second and most important question.

“How do I live a productive life?”

3 Ways to Live a Productive Life

1. Learn From Your Mistakes

Every mistake we make is an opportunity for growth.  We never stop learning. As we grow and develop we should not make the same mistakes or make less of them.

2. Be Decisive

When you are decisive, you must also be smart.  Be purposeful.  Be intentional.  Take enough time to make a sensible decision. But at some point, you must make a decision and stick to it.

3. Do Your Best

You have learned from your mistakes and you have been decisive, but now it’s time to leave it all on the table.

These 3 ways will position you for optimal success, therefore leading to a productive life of moving forward.


Action: Before you start your day, take a little time to figure out how you will implement these  3 techniques.  It will cause you to reflect and make great plans.

Question(s): How would you define a productive life? (Please leave a comment below.)

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