3 Ways To Supercharge Our World


You never know how you are affecting others especially your children.  I believe we are put on this Earth to serve and give to others.  Please watch this touching video of a father interacting with his son.


It is amazing to see the love of this father.  There are a few things we can learn from this short video clip.

1. Connect with your child.  Whether you like the music or not, it is apparent this child loves his father and his father loves him.  Love takes work and time.  You cannot spend quality time until you have spent a lot of time.  You may spend ten hours with your child, but there may only be one memorable moment during those ten hours.  Make time to connect with your child.

2. Be your child’s role model.  Every child has a unique personality and responds differently.  It is quite obvious this father has made a dynamic impression on his son.  The young man lights up when he hears the melodious sounds from them music coupled by the uplifting words delivered passionately from his father.  You can see the strong bond between this father and son.  I think we as can say that this child believes his father is cool!

3. Speak life into your children.  It is no surprise that we all respond better to positive encouragement.  It was refreshing watching this child come to life when his father started rapping.  With each word, the young man seemed to gain more hope and inspiration from his father’s love.

At the end of the day, it is our job to speak life into our children.  We cannot wait for anyone else to instill hope and determination into our children.  Every child wants it, matter fact every child needs it.  The question is are you giving it?

If you have not connected with your child, been his or her role model, or spoken life into their life, it is time.

Supercharge your child and you will give a priceless gift to our world.  I think we would all agree that our world needs more of this inspiration and this type of supercharging.  So take some time today and supercharge our world by sharing this story of inspiration, hope, determination with someone else.  Pay it forward!


Question: What are your thoughts about the father and son in the video?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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