4 Basic Ways to Launch a Stellar Career


During personal development sessions with my clients, I have not met anyone that wasn't interested in living a good life.  Everyone wants to grow, profit, and live a prosperous life.

“Prosperity will come to the man with discipline.”


Some believe there are secrets to living a good life and launching their career, but there are no secrets.  There are just for basic ways to launch a stellar career or live a good life.

1. Have a plan.  Most successful people have a plan because plans are blueprints for success.  Whether you follow your plan to a tee or if your plan fails, it is still important to develop a plan for success.  When you have a plan, you will always have something fall back on when all else fails.

It was John L. Beckley that said, “Most people don’t plan to fail, but fail to plan.”

Please do not people this person.

The first step to developing a good plan starts drafting a plan with winning strategies.  There are three parts to drafting a winning plan.  Your plan should be complete, clear, and current.

Is your plan…

- Complete?  Does your plan encompass every goal that needs to be accomplished?  Does your plan consider all the still and moving pieces needed to put your plan into action?  Does your plan include each action step needed to complete your plan?

- Clear?  How clear is your plan?  Is it easy to understand?  Can other people included in your plan understand how to current out your action steps?  Has everything been spelled out?

- Current?  How relevant is the information within your plan?  Does your plan reflect your present and future needs?  Does your plan take into consideration various threats and opportunities?

2. Major on people.  The most important thing in life is relationships.  One of the best ways to launch your career and live a good life is by focusing on people.

I have seen some great businessmen and women, but they lack the ability to relate to people.  No matter how knowledgeable and professional you may be, without the ability to relate to people no one will ever buy into or support your career.

There are some people who will not support you regardless, but those people do not matter.  Focus on people and watch you career take off.

3. Be a forever learner.  It is always important to be in the know versus being benighted.  The most successful people in history are forever learners.

If you are willing to figure out what you do not know, you will then be able to figure out what people, information, and things you need to launch your career.

4. Take risks.  Any success comes with risk.  If what you are doing does not require sacrifice, then it may not be worth your time.  Without risk, it will be hard to move your career to the next level.


Question: What other ways can you launch a stellar career?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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