4 Life-Changing Phrases You Should Be Comfortable Using


Words are powerful.  You have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but one word can conjure up a variety of emotions.  Psychologists vary in their research of how many emotions exist, but most agree that there are between 4-6 emotions.  However, it has been discovered that the human face is capable of creating 7,000 different facial expressions.

When we couple our emotions and facial expressions with these life-changing phrases that we will discuss today, we will always discover the ability to connect and move the hearts people.

Here are 4 Life-Changing Phrases You Should Be Comfortable Using:

1. “I Love You”


Love is a verb.  So before you use the words, I Love You, make sure that there is action behind your use of this phrase.  We use these 3 simple, but powerful words when we are moved with warmth, fondness, affection, tenderness, compassion, devotion, intimacy, care, and passion.

How many times are these words inappropriately used?  I think we would all agree that this phrase is inappropriately used on a frequent basis.  Don’t be that person.

Love makes you vulnerable because it requires you to open your heart.  However, don’t hesitate to use these words when they are needed.  It’s always worth the risk to open your heart for the sake of love.  Just remember, life is short.  Make sure you say I LOVE YOU to those who hold a special place in your heart.  You may not get another opportunity.  While you have the opportunity, let others know how much you care for them.

2. “Thank You”


Two of the most important words to show appreciation are THANK YOU.

We are beginning the week of Thanksgiving.  There’s always something to be thankful for and someone whom we should thank.  With that said, how many times are we telling those who we appreciate thank you?  How often do you let these two simple words part you lips even after the simplest gesture offered to you?

People around us feel more valued and special when we are able to show our gratification by saying thank you.  More can always be done such as giving gifts, sharing meals, etc.  Nonetheless, there’s nothing like showing verbal appreciation by saying thank you.

3. “NO”


All right, I know this is one word versus a phrase.  But sometimes you just have to say NO.

There are many reasons why you would say no.  You may already have a lot of task and responsibilities on your plate.  You may need to focus on improving your personal life.  You may have already committed to something or someone else.  You may be in the process of losing weight.  No matter the reason, it is a perfect time to say no when you understand your priorities.

Please don’t be rude with its use, but don’t be afraid to say no.  You cannot be everything to everyone.  Likewise, you cannot be everywhere at all times.  I am not telling you to pass up on great opportunities to grow your personal and professional life.  On the contrary, I am suggesting that you figure out what to say yes and no to through careful prioritization.

Saying no has many benefits because it can give your life balance.  And better balance will bring peace to your life.  Everything in life is about balance.

4. “I Apologize”


Last but certainly not least, apologizing is supposed to be a sign of remorse.  We must find the courage to say I Apologize when we are wrong.  It may feel like an impossible task, but it will give your life transparency and freedom.  We will need both of these.


Learn how to comfortably use these 4 phrases and watch the relationships in your life improve tremendously.


Which phrase are you comfortable using?  What phrase are you least comfortable with using?  (Please share your heart by leaving your thoughts / comments below.)


Peace and Prosperity,
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