4 Things You Should Do Everyday


No matter what life throws our way, I believe we should make the best with what we possess.


There are 4 things we all are capable of doing daily that would help with our general sense of wellbeing and life’s success.  These 4 things are simple, but are becoming a lost art during this age.



It is easy to get so busy in life, but we should never get to a point that we are too busy to talk to God.  This is the first key to living a purposeful life.

Take some time and spend a few minutes thanking God.  Your talks with Him will help in giving you insight and peace.  These talks not only will provide insight and peace, but it will also boost your confidence.



I was reading a guest commentary article titled Smiling is our lost expression by Sally Bergmoser in the Naples Daily News.  Much like Sally, I believe smiling is a lost expression.  Her article is an interesting one.  Sally mentions in her article, “It takes 17 muscles to smile and 47 to frown.”  She concluded her article by saying, “Smiles have been lost and we need to bring them back.”

I totally agree.

Matter of fact, witnessing a smile can be a rare siting.  If you find yourself smiling, people sometimes look at you skeptically.

Why are people skeptical of smiles?  Why are people smiling less?

Life is serious enough with our daily responsibilities, but somehow and someway we must find a way to smile.  It’s infectious!

How many times do you smile during the day?  Do you smile at strangers or are you straight faced?

Smiling makes you and others feel warm on the inside.  It makes people feel you are approachable and sparks unexpected conversations.

I challenge you everyday to SMILE more.



Laughing is another important thing we have to find time to squeeze into our busy days.  It is a positive visual expression suggesting the presence of joy, happiness, relief, etc.  Sometimes laughter is considered contagious.  Just like smiling, laughing is a way to spark positive feedback from others.

I ‘m well aware that not everything in life is funny, but to go days or weeks without laughing can be bad or your health.  We must find a way to laugh, even if it means laughing at ourselves sometimes.  All research suggest that laughing is a form of medication or therapy for our brains, lungs, and heart.  In all the research studies, it alludes to laughter helping to alleviate stress and pain.  There are three formal types of therapy for laughter that assist various patients receiving cardiovascular rehabilitation because it works on the diaphragm and other parts of the respiratory system.

So, what are you waiting on?  Find something to laugh about.

If you can’t find something to laugh about, just smile.  And if you can’t find anything to smile about, try to do the next thing that should be done everyday.



I know everyone doesn’t have the ability to dance like Michael Jackson, but that’s not required.

Dancing is a form of exercise.  It is a nonverbal way of expressing your joys, fears, anger, excitement, hope, frustrations, love, loneliness, passions, etc.

You don’t have to be a professional dancer.  You just need to be able move body and have fun while doing it.

It may be formal dancing or it may be a simple two-step.  Whatever dance you decide to do in the words of Will Smith, “Get jiggy with it.”  I’m not sure if people are still “getting jiggy,” but you know what I mean.  Dance until your heart is merry.

Enhance your life by talking to God, smiling, laughing, and dancing!


What can you do to make these 4 things part of your daily routine?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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