5 Roadblocks to a Successful Life


If you asked a million people to define success, each person would have a slight variation of what defines success.

I believe success is waking up everyday with a sense of purpose.    Success is all about getting better, growing, or moving forward.  It has nothing to do with money, but doing things the right way will allow money to follow.

When you are striving for success, you will run into roadblocks.  You need to know those roadblocks and how to avoid or go around them.  So, here are five roadblocks to a successful life.

1. Our thoughts.  All of our actions are controlled by our thoughts.  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  Many times we fall short of success in many areas of our lives because of own thoughts.  I have heard people saying the following words:

- I’m too old to _____.

- I’m too young to _____.

- I don’t have enough time in a day.

- I’m not good enough.

It is never too late, but it is quite easy to talk yourself out of success.  Stop talking yourself out being successful and find a way to hold those thoughts back.

One way to change these thoughts is to be selective about what you let into mind.

2. Listening to negativity.  Do not let negativity break or shatter your success.  You are better than any negativity that may try to discourage you from being successful.  Do not listen whether it is a friend, family member, co-worker, boss, or just a plain “hater.”  I usually do not focus on the haters, but with this point I have to mention them to tell you to ignore them.

3. Living larger than life.  When we think we are bigger than life, we then start getting “cocky.”  Read my last blog post, Two Big Differences Separating the Confident and the “Cocky” (click link).

Stay humble and remember that we were created to help others.  It is never about one individual; it has always been about a team.  In the case of life, it is about giving and serving others.

4. Living in a box.  It is natural for us to hold to our routines and form habits.  It is nothing wrong with routines or good habits, but success comes with taking risks.  We have to get out of the box and expose ourselves to new things, so we can grow.  Do not get stuck in a box because of your fear of taking risks.  Discover ways of challenging your mind.  For a few tips, read 18 Ways to Challenge Your Mind (click link).

5. Past memories.  How many times have you heard or have you said, “I wish things were like they use to be.”  When you get caught up in past accomplishments, you it ends up limiting your success.  The same is so for focusing on past failures.  Instead of emphasizing your past memories, focus on the present and how you plan to move forward.

Be aware of these roadblocks and live a successful life.


Question: How do you plan on avoiding these roadblocks to your success?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall, Sr.
MTN Universal, LLC
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