5 Things You Need To Live A Purposeful Life


A purposeful life is a meaningful life.


One of the greatest responsibilities of being a parent is teaching our children how to live a relevant life.  No parent in their rightful mind wants their children to live a life without purpose.  On the contrary, we want our children to live better than ourselves.  We want them to understand their purpose and how they can positively contribute to this world.

My wife and I have 5 things we share with our beautiful boys to help them find their life’s purpose.  They may not know their purpose at such a young age, but these 5 things will assist them later in life with discovering their purpose.  Before you start thinking this blog is just for children; know that there have been many research studies revealing that a significant amount of adults are still in search for their purpose in life.

Nothing is more important than living a purposeful life.  So, I would like to share 5 Things You Need To Live A Purposeful Life.

1. Closed Mouth


One of the reasons we are unable to live a purposeful life is because sometimes we are too busy talking.  A closed mouth will allow for better performance of the other 4 things you will need to live a purposeful life.

2. Open Mind


An open mind is needed to conquer the impossible.  If we want to live a purposeful life, we must open our minds.  Why?  An open mind is a sign of a person who is willing to learn.  Whenever we feel we are done learning, that is the day when we have stopped living a purposeful life.  There are many lessons to learn, but it can only happen with an open mind.  Every day you should be learning something new.

3. Focused Eyes


Your eyes will need to be focused to live a purposeful life.  Focused eyes represent the vision you will need to bring organization and structure to your life.  One of the biggest things we all need these days is vision to see through the cloudiness of our world.

4. Listening Ears


It is great to have an open mind, but we must also have listening ears if we are going to properly retrieve the information that will assist us in living a purposeful life.  Many times we hear things, but are we actively listening?

There are several reasons why we should be actively listening.  Not only should we be actively listening to be positively inspired, but active listening will share with you negative experiences you should avoid.  Without listening ears, we may find ourselves repeating unfavorable situations that will compromise our living a purposeful life.

5. Obedient Heart


God will reveal His heart, but what will your heart do?  Your mouth has been closed, your mind has been open, eyes are intensely focused, and ears are attentively listening; now let your heart comply to the revelations you have experienced from the previous 4 things you need to live a purposeful life.  Whatever you do, don’t resist or fight God’s plans for your life.  He wants the very best for you!


What things have helped you with living a purposeful life?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving your comments below.)

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