7 Things Christians Shouldn't Do


“A life lived is better than any word spoken.”




It is a blessing to be created by God, but it is an added benefit to be called Christian.

Christian is just a title to show our connection with the wonderful Savior of our world.

It’s a privilege to be in a relationship with Christ, but we should never use our relationship to hurt others.

So, I came up with a list of 7 things Christians shouldn’t do.

7 Things Christians Shouldn’t Do

1. Judge Others

There is a distinct difference in telling the truth and judging.  We all want the truth over a lie.  However, I strongly suggest developing a relationship with a person before speaking some trues to a person and even then we still should speak the truth in love.

There is nothing wrong with telling the truth because speaking the truth is only giving facts.  The one difference with telling the truth and judging is judging causes a person to form an opinion or make a decision about someone.  We should be able to tell the truth, but we shouldn’t view or make anyone feel less valuable.  In God’s eyes, everyone is SPECIAL!

2. Force The Issue

I never been one to force my beliefs on anyone.  Being a Christian is less about what we say and it is more about how we live.  Christians don’t have to tote a Bibles around, preach in the streets, or tell others they are a Christian.  Christians live gracefully with their life and not their mouth.

3. Hide Convictions

As Christians, we should not force our beliefs on anyone, but that does not mean hide our convictions.  We have all seen those people who “claim to be” Christian, but are ashamed to show conviction by living the Christian Life.  It should be very clear what we stand for by our lifestyle.

4. Be In Competition

Christians are never in competition with one another.  We don’t make comparisons or compete because we have a common goal of promoting the name of Christ.

5. Dwell In Insecurity

Insecurity is indicative of lack of confidence or low self-esteem.  We weren’t given the name Christian to live in self-doubt because we were all made out of the image of God, which makes us all beautiful masterpieces.

6. Make Assumptions

Christians are open-minded and never take the stance of assuming, which inevitably leads to judging.  Rather than assuming, instead Christians get to know the truth about people and their various situations.

7. Live Hopelessly

Everyday we are alive, Christians understand the blessing of hope for themselves and others.  There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.


Action: Make sure you never find yourself practicing any of these 7 things. 

Question(s): These are 7 things Christians shouldn’t do, but are there any other things Christians should avoid doing? (Please leave a comment below.)

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