A Calm Resolve

I think in terms of day’s resolutions, not the years’. ~Henry Moore


Today is the second day of our 3-Day series to encourage and inspire the start of your 2014 year.

Also, today is the first day of 2014.  This year will be your year.

I don’t have anything against making resolutions.  Matter fact, I think they are great if we can keep them.  The problem is most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned or sabotaged before the first week or month of the year.

I want your 2014 to be different.  I would like for you to accomplish your goals, achieve your dreams, and make this year the best year of your life.

Making resolutions is no different than setting goals for your life.  It is great to set a yearly goal, but set short-term goals to help you get to your long-term goals for the year.

Set yourself up for success.

The one thing you will need, if you are going to be successful is a CALM RESOLVE to carry you through your day’s or year’s resolutions.

The opposite of a calm resolve is an anxious resolve.  The word anxious has to do with worrying, being bothered, or disturbed.  These are the feelings associated with only making New Year’s resolutions / goals, instead of making day’s resolutions / goals.


When a long-term goal is set, there has to be a pathway to success for that goal.  This is why you need Day's, Week's, Month's, and/or Quarter's resolutions / goals.

Before you start making Day’s resolutions / goals for 2014, first you must reflect on 2013.

In 2013…

-How many of your resolutions / goals did you achieve?

-Did you set any resolutions / goals?

-How many people did you help?

-Did you develop yourself in 2013?

3 Simple Ways to Practice a Calm Resolve with making your Day’s Resolution

1. Prioritize

2. Be detailed

3. Be time specific


Action: Make Day’s Resolutions.  Write them down.  It may be as simple as getting more sleep.  You have to start somewhere.

Question(s): What are some of your Day’s Resolutions / Goals? (Please leave a comment below.)

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