A Child-Like Persistence

I was hanging out with my oldest two sons at my oldest son’s fall festival this past Friday.  At the festival, we passed many intriguing and exciting exhibits.  However, we continued walking. As we were walking, a big castle demanded our attention and my boys begged me to play on the bouncy castle apparatus.  Without hesitation, we walked towards the long line of excited kids and disinterested parents.

While standing in line, my boys were smiling, jumping, and bouncing before even entering the bouncy apparatus.  Then, they bounced inside the unstable castle for about two minutes.  Kids exited with cries and screams for mommy and daddy from falling inside the castle.

As I struggled to maintain my sanity in the midst of this “castle of doom,” my boys only wanted one thing.  As my boys exited, I heard “Daddy, Daddy, can we go again.”  The boys ended up bouncing two more times in the “castle of doom.”  The three times I stood in the long line, I began to think about how we should have a child-like persistence.

So many times we give up too soon.

Our breakthrough can be just around the corner, but sometimes we give up a year, month, week, day, hour, minute, or a second too early.

3 Keys of Developing A Child-Like Persistence
  1. Excitement
  2. Patience
  3. Optimism


Use these three keys to develop a child-like persistence to open many doors of opportunity.

In the words of my sons, “We loved the festival, it was great.”

You will find yourself feeling that way about life, if you use these keys.


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