A Grateful Heart

Thanksgiving is more than a one day holiday, it is a life of giving thanks!

Every single day we live, we have many reasons to be thankful.

When was the last time you verbally announced gratefulness for breathing?

Think about the last time you were thankful for every person in your life, not just your friends?

Are you content with where you are in life?

A grateful heart is a appreciative heart.

At times, we take things for granted.  Trust me, it is easy to do.

A vital component to moving forward in life is appreciation for where you are.

Without appreciation, ungratefulness settles in a person’s heart.

And, ungratefulness is only present when we want something we are not yet ready for.  Let’s face the facts.  If we were ready for whatever we are ungrateful about, we would already have it.

If we cannot be content with less, why do we need more?

Having a grateful heart is so important, so here are 4 steps to developing a grateful heart.

4 Steps to Developing A Grateful Heart

1. Be yourself.  Appreciate your gifts and abilities because no one else has your skill set, you are weird (unique).  So, be proud of it.

2. Do not compare yourself to others.  Everyone has their on set of challenges and difficulties, so don’t make someone else’s problem yours.

3. Live in the present.  Quickly look at the past, but don’t dwell there.  Focus on your present journey.

4. Know who created your uniqueness.

Action: List 5 things, big or small, in which your heart is grateful.

Question: Why is your heart grateful? (Don’t be afraid, FNBW and leave a comment below.)  Please leave a comment below, send me a tweet on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook.