A Trend We Must Heal, Part 2

How many children have to die?  

Not just a physical death, but our children are also dying mentally? BULLYING has become a silent epidemic.

This is anti-bullying month, but I believe we need to pay more attention to this everyday.

You have heard of the story of Rebecca Sedwick, the 12 year old young girl from Lakeland, Florida.

She was being bullied at school, so her mother took her out of school.  But the 15 or so young ladies started cyber-bullying Rebecca.  This continued until Ms. Sedwick climbed up a cement tower and jumped to her death on September 9th.

Our hearts are with this family.

Bullying takes on many different forms, but regardless of the form….


How do we help with this healing process…

We must be strategic in the way we handle these situations, but it time out for our kids dying from nonsense.

If you see something that looks out of the ordinary, let your curiosity move you to research the situation tactfully.  (Remember, what would you want someone to do if your child was being bullied?)


Just don't inquire, then walk away from the situation.  Share the information obtained with someone that can handle that situation.  (You may save a life)

I know this is a tough issue, but these discussions are needed.

Can you put a price on a child's life?  Sitting back and doing nothing will not heal this terrible pattern.

Stand up with us and speak out against these horrific acts of hate.

This goes beyond race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.  This is a problem across the board.

Let's change this negative pattern of behavior.

If you have children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, brothers, or sisters; these children need our help.

3 Ways to Break this Pattern

1. Consistently talk and listen to our beautiful children.

2. Observe their behavior.

3. Investigate who their friends are or if they have any friends.



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