A Weird State Of Mind


Are you tired of normal, mundane, ordinary, regular, routine, traditional, typical, general, and average?

If you want something new and different, I think it’s time for you to accept and amplify your weird state of mind.

What is Weird?

Weird can mean so many different things these days, but what does it really mean?

Weird is supernatural, magical, mysterious, peculiar, awe-inspiring, unusual, extraordinary, exceptional, remarkable, distinct, special, and unique.  But I believe weird is much more than the words mentioned above.

“Weird is accepting our ability to be who God created us to be.”  


I am weird!  Whether you believe it or not, you are weird!

Although we have many similarities, we are vastly different.  From our smiles to our frowns, we are different.  We differ in height, weight, and race.  We walk and talk differently.  We have a million different physical attributes.  But these differences are what make us so important.  These differences allow each of us to contribute our uniqueness to our wonderful world.

It is our weirdness that causes us to stand out among the 7 billion people populated on the earth.  So, embrace and empower your own weird state of mind!

How many times do you say or think — “That is so weird!, He or she is so weird!”  Such statements prompt the thought that something or someone is unfathomable; you can’t quite wrap your brain around that label of weirdness.  But that in itself is the power of weirdness to possess the freedom of choice and thought to exercise your own weird state of mind!

What do most of the great people you know have in common?  The one commonality is that they are not afraid to be weird, which allows them to be different, extraordinary, exceptional, special, and unique.  Anyone you may hold in high esteem has discovered their own individual weird state of mind, which makes them great in your eyes and others.

These people are able to think and live outside the box.  It is this weird state of mind that allows these individuals to successfully move through countless windows of opportunities.

Well guess what?  You have the same opportunity to capitalize on your weirdness.  You have gifts and abilities this world has never seen before.  Now it’s time to develop your weird state of mind and enjoy endless prosperity.

How To Develop Your Weird State Of Mind


1. Trust God’s plans for your life.  You may have big plans for your life, but I assure you that God’s plans are much bigger.  He wants to fill your life with purpose, peace, and prosperity.

Others may have plans for your life, but just remember that those people did not create you.  God knows exactly what to do with your gifts.  You just have to trust His plans for your life.

God never wants to see you lacking anything.  In fact, his primary goal is to bless you.

2. Be yourself.  Never try to be someone you’re not.  You are special and just as unique as the next person.  No matter who you are, our world needs you and your gifts.

There will never be another you.  Someone may try to copy or reduplicate you, but there will never be another YOU.  You are one of a kind!

3. Discover confidence in your weirdness.  Once you are comfortable and confident with being yourself, it is then you will discover various ways of maximizing your potential personally, spiritually, and professionally.

The greatest leaders, entertainers, athletes, musicians are all confident in their extraordinary gift.  Find your confidence by following the first two steps,

It’s time to put away normal, ordinary, and average.  Today, choose to have a weird state of mind and watch every aspect of your life be enhanced.


Question: Does the word “weird” scare you?  How can you change your perception of weird and embrace and empower a weird state of mind in your daily life?   Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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