All or Nothing

When you are attempting to improve yourself, it's either All or Nothing.

 There isn’t anything in-between.  Trust me, if you try the in-between route, you will be left with nothing.

So, go All-In when it comes to life.  (No, I’m not speaking about gambling)

3 Ways to Go All-In

#1 Believe in something.

#2 Commit to your beliefs

3# Don’t look back


There is one quote that sticks out in my mind by Alexander Hamilton.  He said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

We need something to believe in, unless we will be easily influenced by any and every thing.

The emphasis is STAND FOR SOMETHING!

At the end of your life, do you want to be known for not standing and falling for everything.

Just remember, it’s either all or nothing.


Action: Pick one important thing in your life (Attitude is usually a great place to start) and stand firm to make great things happen to better that one thing.

Question: How do you plan to go All-In in your life?  (Please leave a comment below.)


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