All Things Beautiful


There is beauty in all things.


We will wrap up our BEAUTIFUL week with, All Things Beautiful.  In our last two blogs, You Are Beautiful (click link) and A Beautiful Heart (click link), we discussed the beauty in people.

Without doubt, you don’t have to look far to discover the beauty in a Friday.  However, in today’s blog, let’s look at some things that may be harder to categorize as beautiful, which I call weird beauties.

Nature’s Weird Beauty


There are many natural beauties that we see everyday, but what about nature’s weird beauties.  Weird beauties such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis, lightening, snowstorms, sandstorms, floods, hailstorms, ice storms, tropical storms, hurricanes, etc.  Many people are quite fearful of these storms, but have you thought about the beauty of each storm.

If these storms can produce that much power and force, just think about the power and might that our God possesses.  For this reason, we should trust and believe in His amazing power even more.  God is the source of these weird beauties.

The Beauty in Chaos


Did you know that chaos possesses a weird beauty?

No one wants to live a life of chaos.  Matter fact, no one wants chaos in their life.  However, whether we want chaos in our life or not, it will find its way in our lives.

The weird beauty about chaos is that it teaches us great lessons, which causes us to be more responsible, accountable, proactive, prepared, observant, diligent, decisive, and content.  There is a weird beauty in the midst of unwanted chaos.

The Source of All Beauty


All beauty comes from God!

Everything has beauty in it because God created this entire world.  During the creation of our world, God created all things and called all things GOOD!

Of course, some things we have disrupted as humans, but I still believe we serve an awesome God.  With that said, it really doesn’t matter what you or I think, God is who he says he is.  GOD is GOOD!  God is BEAUTIFUL!  GOD is…

People, situations, jobs, weather, and many other things may change; but God never changes.  For this reason, He sent His Son.  And our Savior “is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.” ~ Hebrews 13:8



What weird beauties are in your life?  In addition, can you see God as the source of your beauty? (Please help someone else by sharing your thoughts / comments below.)

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