There are many traits that separate good leaders from great leaders, but there is one exceptional trait that makes a leader great.

How would your life or business be different if you or your team members possessed great leadership?

Sometimes the difference between good and great is one simple thought and action. One thing a leader cannot afford to be without is humility, especially if he or she is looking to be a great leader.

Humility is such an exceptional trait for a leader because it helps you in three ways.

1. Humility enhances your leadership.

2. Humility multiplies your influence.

3. Humility grows other leaders.

Humility is being extremely respectful. Why is humility so important to your leadership?

Our world is quite consumed with being overly concerned about self. There have been instances of children in need of assistance, but adults walking by without attempting to help or investigating the child’s concerns. There are many people in poverty, but no one stops to see how they help.

I’m suggesting for you to put yourself in position to compromise your safety, family, or livelihood. However, I think the mark of a great leader is his or her ability to help others. By helping others, you will find yourself also helping yourself.

If we are honest, someone had to help us get to where we are in life. Humility helps you to remember your roots and it should help you invest in someone else.

Humility is a great way to get self out of the way. Many times, we fail in life because we get in our own way. We can’t grow others and be more influential if all we are concerned with is self. To be more humble, leaders should practice these strategies.

1. Go to church and get involved.

2. Use the word “We,” and less of “I” and “me.”

3. Teach someone.

4. Volunteer your time to help a person or organization.

5. Let others go first.

6. Actively listen to someone’s story of hurt without interrupting.

You may be asking the question, “How will this help me and my leadership?”

Many leaders are good and will never be great because they don’t have compassion or empathy for anyone else. All great leaders are able to put themselves in their follower’s shoes and see another perspective that will allow them to lead in a more dynamic way.

If you are already practicing some of these strategies, you may already be where you would like to be as a leader. However, I don’t believe that a person should ever stop learning. Even if you have incorporated these strategies to be more humble, you can always gain more followers or leave behind a greater legacy as a leader.

I challenge you to take some to review these strategies and make it a point to try to accomplish each of these strategies at least once a day. It will strengthen your leadership and make you a great leader. Matter of fact, you will be an exceptional leader because of this exceptional trait.

I would love to hear you heart. How are you practicing humility in your daily walk? How has humility affected your leadership? Please leave a comment below or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall, Sr.

MTN Universal, LLC

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