My wife and I have been anticipating the arrival of our blessed bundle of joy for more than 2 weeks now.  It is fascinating to know the same anticipation we had with our first two boys was just as strong with our third son, which led me to write this blog discussion. During my anticipation, I started to think about the p r o c e s s of building your dreams from an abstract thought to a concrete reality.  (It won’t happen overnight, it will take time)  Before any dream becomes reality or before a child is born, first it all starts with just a thought.

You have to anticipate your dream’s completion before it can become reality.

There are a host of emotions surrounding anticipation.  However, I would like to share two tips to help you achieve your dream.

So we are going to say you have already started the process of your dream with the seed of thought.  But what follows will build your dream from just a thought to a dynamic reality.

Two Tips to Achieving Your Dreams

#1 Have a Nervous Excitement

It is natural to be nervous about the unpredictable.  If you are nervous, then maybe the dream is worth your time trying to accomplish.  However, along with the nervousness, there must be an excitement about the unpredictable bringing something NEW!

A dream is worth chasing if it conjures up a nervous excitement.

#2 Strategically Prepare and Plan

A nervous excitement will cause you to do one of two things: 1. Continue to pursue your dream with strategic preparation and planning or 2. Cease with moving forward until you are serious about making your dream a reality.

The Preparation and Planning will cause you to see the effort and responsibility that it will take to nourish and grow your dream into a reality.

These two tips will help you enjoy the process of starting and completing any of your dreams.

You will know what to do and how to do it when it comes to your dream because of your ANTICIPATION.

There are many other ways to achieve your dream.

Share your thoughts, inspire, and motivate others to make their dreams a reality.


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