Are You Enjoying Your Entire Life?


It’s Monday!  And it’s that time again.  Time to start another week.

There are two phrases you probably hear every week at work.

Many times I have heard this statement, “I can’t wait for the weekend.”  I have also heard, “Is it Friday yet?”

I really love my weekends for several reasons.  One of the primary reasons I love the weekend is because of the time I am able to spend with my family.

However, in spite of my love for the weekend I rather not rush my life away waiting for a weekend, a holiday, or even a birthday.  Likewise, I encourage you not to rush your life away.

“Enjoy every day because you never know when it will be your last.”


Each day you live is an opportunity for you to live the life you want to live.  Make the best of every day and don’t waste your time living for just a few days out of the year.  Enjoy your entire life.


Question: Are you enjoying your entire life?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
MTN Universal, LLC
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