Are You Successful?


What defines success?

We discussed how there are various definitions for success and what to do to receive your success in 3 Must Do’s While Waiting on Your Success (click link).

I had a great conversation with one of the members of our community.  In our conversation, we discussed success.  One of the primary questions was - What is success?



Many people associate success with a degree, having a nice job, how much money is in one’s bank account, house size, class of car, or wearing a certain style of clothing.

What are your desires?  What do you want out of life?  How do you define success?

We all have varying definitions of success, but the true definition of success is the attainment or accomplishment of one’s goals.  At the end of the day,

“You define what success means to you.”


Are you successful?


So you and only you can answer the question of whether you are successful or not.  We just discovered how success depends on the accomplishment of your goals.

What are your goals?

Annually, I set personal, professional, and spiritual goals for myself.  Also, my wife and I set goals for our family.  My most important goals have nothing to do with any of the things we discussed earlier.

Success to me is defined by two things:

1. Love for God.

2. Love for Family.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I want to be the best professional I can be.  I want to build wealth for my family.  I want to help others discover financial independence and develop wealth for their families.

However, I will never sacrifice these goals for the most important responsibilities in my life, which includes commitment to God and my family.

1. Love for God.  God is my Creator.  Without his creativity, I would not have any my gifts or abilities.  He gave me the greatest gift ever known to man by giving me His only Son.  So I will forever be loyal to the Calling of my Father in heaven.  As long as I am faithful to my God and His Son, I will always feel that I am living a successful life.

2. Love for Family.  I have been blessed with a beautiful family.  I have been placed on this earth to be a respectful and loving husband to my beautiful wife.  I have also been given the responsibility to be an example to my three boys.  As a father, I have been called to give life to my sons.  I don’t have a perfect family, by we are striving to follow the perfect love of God and do our best to support one another in our life’s journey.

It’s important to set individual goals.  Start today.  And start with those things that matter most to you.  Just remember, you define your own success.  Without goals, we will never know how successful we can be.


Question:  So, are you successful?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,
Bryant Hall
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