Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Life


Life has a way of getting our attention, whether good or bad.  I can never pass up an opportunity to take in the beauty of a rainbow.  It’s a fascinating experience seeing this long colorful arch stretch across the heavens.


I get a sense of excitement and anticipation whenever I see a rainbow.  Most of the time, the rainbow sparks these feelings of excitement and anticipation.

What is it about rainbows?

Aside from the appealing aesthetics of the rainbow, a rainbow has also been a source of hope since the creation of our world.  God used the rainbow as a promise to our human race after the flood.

Maybe this is why a rainbow gives us such great feelings.  A rainbow symbolizes and gives us a sense of hope!

Be A Rainbow


Like a rainbow; we should seek to inspire, excite, and leave an impression on the people and organizations in our lives.

Our lives should motivate others to be a rainbow because we never know what others are going through.

It was Maya Angelou that said,

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”


Clouds enter all of our lives.  The cloud may be a broken relationship, frustrations with a current job position, financial challenges, etc.  Sometimes clouds may bring rain into our lives, but with a little sun a beautiful rainbow forms.

There are people we love and care for that are in need of a rainbow in their life.  We are all in need of encouragement and inspiration, but more importantly we all need hope because hope gives us confidence and a chance.

What are you waiting for in your life?  Be someone’s rainbow!


Have you been a rainbow in someone’s life?  If so, explain how you were a rainbow in their life.  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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