Break The Cycle

I have heard and seen so many people in search for change, but they continue to do the same thing.  We all have been guilty of this, but at some point we have to be WEIRD enough to break the cycle.

There’s a leader within us all.  To discover that leader, we need to break the cycle.

This doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong, but good leaders are always looking to better themselves and others around them by adapting.

Please don’t confuse ADAPTING with BEING FAKE!

Good Leaders don’t…

Lie to those who they lead,

Cheat those who they lead,

Take advantage of his/her followers,

Talk down to those who he/she leads, or

Ask others to do something they aren’t willing to do themselves.

On the contrary…

Good Leaders aren’t afraid of change, but seek out every opportunity to change.

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3 Ways for Leaders to Break the Cycle

#1 Never Stop Learning

#2 Listen and Communicate with Clarity

#3 Lead By Example


Action: Find one thing in your life that needs change and practice the 3 ways of breaking the cycle.

Question: Is it ever too late to break the cycle?  (Please comment below)


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