Courageously Believe


What we speak is directly associated with what we think.  And what we think and speak directly determines our actions.

I have spoken to many diverse groups.  At one of my speaking engagements, I remember a young man coming up to me after my speech and saying, “Dreams are unreal, fairy tales, imaginary, or fantasies.”

I told this young man that he was right, but also I told him that everything starts out as an unreal, imaginary thought until we speak life into it.

“Dreams are only visions of our futures.”

It is up to us to make these dreams or visions reality.

In my study I would like to share with you this week, we will look at Joseph, the dreamer.  Here are five interesting facts about Joseph and his dreams.

1. Joseph shared his dreams with the wrong people.  No matter whether you share your dreams with the right people or not, it is up to you to make your dreams a reality.  Sharing your dream with the wrong people can possibly sow down the process of making your dream a reality.  Joseph shared his dream with his brothers about him advancing and leading.  His brothers began hating Joseph after he shared his dreams, which led to them plotting against him.  Be careful of the people you share your dreams with because everyone isn’t supportive of your dreams.

2. Joseph spoke life into his dreams.  Joseph confidently spoke of his dreams.  He was able to verbalize his dreams.  Many times, people have great thoughts and ideas, but have a hard time verbalizing them.  The key to making your vision a reality is being able to verbalize your vision.

3. Joseph kept dreaming.  Although his brothers hated him for his dreams, it didn’t close shut Joseph’s mind down from dreaming.  There are many people giving up on their dreams daily.  Don’t let this happen to you.  You may receive one thousand “no’s” when trying to make your vision a realty, but keep dreaming.

4. Joseph trusted God with his dreams.  Many people will find this to be tough.  When we dream, we sometimes think our dreams are only for us.  The fact of the matter is our dreams may start with us, but you have to give God full control to help advance your dreams.  Then, after your dream becomes a reality, it will benefit many other people.  This all can happen when you trust God with your dream.  Let’s be honest, God can do a better job of making our dreams a reality.

5. Joseph worked on his dream.  Joseph trusted God with his dreams, but he also worked on his dream.  Even when his brothers sold him into slavery, he kept his composure and continued to work on making his dreams a reality.  He kept a positive spirit and worked with a good work ethic wherever he was placed.

There are many lessons to learn from Joseph, but I think the biggest take away is Joseph courageously believed.  Sometimes we have everything right, but the one thing we lack is belief.  Belief in the vision placed on our hearts.

“If you don’t believe in your vision, no one else will.”

So wait no longer, breathe life into your dream by courageously believing.


: What dreams are waiting for you to courageously believe?  Leave your comments below.

Peace and Prosperity,

Bryant Hall

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