“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” - Lao Tzu

Do you want “more” out of life?  Do you feel stuck?  How successful do you feel?  If you don’t feel successful, how are you defining success?  

Many people are looking for “more” out of life.  People are working longer, harder, and smarter to get a sense of fulfillment in their life.  So I think it good for us to define fulfillment.

Fulfillment Defined

Fulfillment is defined as a satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s ability and character.

Fulfillment doesn’t mean you are finished growing and developing as a person.  Fulfillment is being content where you are and being the best you can be right now.

We all have seen people trudge through jobs, marriages, and life with a discontented spirit.  To avoid this pitfall, you need to patiently wait and intentionally work towards your next advancement in life.

Everything good thing I have received and every step forward I have been fortunate to make came from me patiently waiting, but also a tireless keeping work ethic (click link) while waiting. 

Are you patiently waiting?  How is your work ethic?

Do You Want “More”?

Do you want “more” out of life?

It is no secret; a person has to have the ability to receive more to have more.  So if you want more, you first have to empty yourself.  In other words, get rid of the old to receive that which is new.  No more making excuses and start taking more action.  Less procrastination and more proactivity.  Get rid of negative thinking and think more positive.  Make more room success by letting go of the guilt of defeat.

When you are able to be content while trying to move forward to your next advancement, you will always be successful.  This mindset will bring an abundance of prosperity.

I love playing basketball and golf.  When I first discovered these two games, I started playing and picked up bad habits.  To improve my skills with both sports, I had to empty myself of my old bad habits and practice better habits.  It took a while to get good, but I trusted the process and enjoyed the ability to play both sports.  

What do you want more of when it comes to your life?  Be content and live with in fulfillment.  Whatever you want out of life just trust the process by patiently waiting while working hard.  You time is coming.

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