Whenever and wherever you are, today is a beautiful day!

“This is the day the Lord has made.  We will rejoice and be glade in it.” - Psalm 118:24

I believe everyday is a “good day” if you are alive to enjoy it, but what makes this day even better is the opportunity I have been afforded to share my life and God’s blessings with you through this blog.

Today is the start of our Draped in Dignity blog.  You may be wondering why the title Draped in Dignity?  Everyone should live a life of dignity. So why have I committed to writing every Wednesday?  Our Wednesday’s blog is dedicated to encourage everyone to lead with grace.

Today will be our longest blog and the following Draped in Dignity blogs will be much shorter.  I mean it will be really brief, but beneficial to your daily success.  These writings will be centered on applying simple, but impactful goals to positively enhance your life.

I’ve been asked the question by several people especially women, “How do you do it?”  Of course my first response is, “How do I do what?”

This question is generally asked after someone has met my husband or children.  Many times this question comes from people of all ages and genders, but especially from younger women struggling to be great keepers of their home and leaders over their lives.

One of the reason I am starting this new journey of Draped in Dignity is because a young lady approached me asking if I could mentor her.  This young lady is an absolutely beautiful woman, but desires a human example as she walks with Christ.  As a Christian, woman, wife, mother, and full time educator, I thought I would share in the humblest way possible how the LORD has given me insight, and effectiveness with my journey.

I have to first say; these Wednesday posts aren’t just for women.  Anything we talk about applies to both men and woman.  The Draped in Dignity Wednesday blogs are to help anyone in search for purpose and prosperity.  I commit to investing in you, as God has invested and honored me with His blessings.

I believe it is only appropriate for us to begin with the glory of God.  It was nothing within me, but everything I have has been because of the God I serve.  Along with serving an amazing God, I was blessed with two amazing parents and a home full of love.  My father and mother weren’t strong believers in God, but believed in holding us accountable and responsible for our actions.  Later, in the sunset years of their adult lives they found the richness of God’s Word, and accepted His calling.

As you can see, this journey started with a rich childhood of abundance dignity.  My parents gave me great guidance by teaching the importance knowing right from wrong.  Although I was raised in a loving home, I defied my parents and did everything I thought I was old enough to do causing me to become a parent earlier than I should.  Although I made a bad decision, it was no mistake because God had a plan.

I had no clue how God was going to use my life.  I just knew I wanted my child to make better choices than I had made.  Isn’t that what most of us are striving to do for our children?

After having my first child out of wedlock, my child’s father and I decided to get married.  Before we enjoyed the blessings of God, we went through many challenges and trials because of our uncommitted hearts to God.  In the midst of our struggles, my husband and I found Christ.  My husband became a man after God’s own heart and that’s when this journey became purposeful.

I would like to tell you that everything was perfect on our journey, but we all know nothing in this world is perfect other than God and His Son. The only thing certain on my life’s journey is Christ.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.” - Hebrews 13:8

I cannot imagine where my life would be without the comfort and leadership of God’s Word.  I committed to learning His Word long ago and promised I would let it guide me each day.  Some people told me I would never make anything of my life because I was young unwed mother.  So instead of listening to the naysayers, I decided to listen to greatest leader of all time — GOD.

Who are you listening to in order to better your life?

I listened to God, but I knew I had to make a tough decision.  I had to commit to carving out time from what seemed to be a busy schedule.  It took me a while to understand the significance of this decision, but it was one of the most profitable decisions I have ever made.

How many things are competing for you time?  For me, when my children were awake, I could never arrange my time to study the Word of God.  I knew it was a great source of strength for my life, but someone or something always attempted to rob me of this time to align my heart with the Lord.  So each morning, I set my clock an hour before my husband and children would awake.  Then I would intentionally get up and spend time in the face of the Lord.  It was my “me time.”  This time was essential to me consistently jumpstarting every day with the best leader that ever walked this earth — Christ.

The GOAL this week is as follow:

Carve out some time everyday just for you and the Father.

When you set aside time, just make sure you spend your time wisely.  It is easy to be distracted.  Don’t let anything distract you when you have an appointment with the greatest leader of all time, God.

The first hour of the morning may not work for you, but please attempt to give God an hour of your time to develop an intimate relationship with Him.  Along with setting aside time, I create a journal with notes from what I had studied and I specifically attempt to discover how God’s Word applies to my journey. Then, I list five things I am thankful for and end my quiet time with a prayer of thanksgiving.

I encourage you to complete this goal daily.  The reason I am committed to this goal daily is because I want to align my heart with God and prepare for the adventures that day may hold.  I am motivated by David’s words in Psalm 91:2,

“I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him will I trust.”

Hopefully we can work through this first goal together. No matter how busy you are, make time for God.  Let’s commit to this goal together and discover a newfound respect, peace, and profitability in God.

"Simply" Jackie

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