Embrace Change

Life is filled with many opportunities to advance your life.  One opportunity I pray you will never pass up is the opportunity to EMBRACE CHANGE.

It is hard to define what change will look like for each individual person.

Change has many long-term benefits, but not without short-term discomfort and uneasiness.

You’ve done it before, if you are or have been a…




Student, and/or

Business Owner.

Think about the short-term difficulties with each of these and there are many other examples, but consider the long-term benefits as well.

If change was easy, everyone would do it.

I believe everyone is in search for change, but it takes discomfort and uneasiness to bring about the change we need in our lives.

Change is all about being wEiRd.


Every good leader is weird.

Why?  Because they are different and not like anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, they may have similar traits as other leaders, but they are unique in their own rite.  They’re not afraid to push the envelope when necessary or make tough decisions when a decision needs to be made.  That’s why we call them LEADERS!

These people stand out, but give credit to the teams of people that help push the dream into the realm of reality.

It’s never too late to change, but please don’t find yourself never changing.

Don’t be afraid of it. Try it.  Embrace it.  Love it.


Watch what it will do to your life by way of growth and development.


Action: Take one aspect of your life and embrace change, whether it is family, diet, exercises, business, etc.  Start with changing something small.

Question: What small thing can you change to make a BIG difference in your life? (Please leave a comment below.)


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Be the wEiRd this world needs!


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