Enjoy Your Present


"Every day we are given a gift, a priceless gift of the present."


Can you think of a better gift to receive?

-The present is always new and fresh.  Everyday we open a new gift of the present.

-It’s perfectly wrapped.  We unwrap it when we wake up in the mornings and are able to enjoy it all day until we receive our next gift, the next day.

-The present is a gift that keeps giving.

-The present is an individual gift with tremendous personalization.  Your present will never be someone else’s present.

-The present is always exciting because the alternative is death.

-And I believe we can go on and on because the present never ends along as we have breath in our bodies.

Breathe.  Let Go.  And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. ~ Oprah Winfrey


So, why should we enjoy our present?

#1 The Past is Gone

Any successes and/or failures are behind us.  Don’t get caught up staring behind you, when you need to be moving forward.  We should learn from the past, but that doesn’t mean we should make it a hang out spot.  Many people do and it only leads to future regrets.


#2 The Present is Here

The present is waiting for you to open.  You can receive a gift, but not open it.  Opening the gift of the present means appreciating the moment, friends, family, your job, your house, the food, etc.  We are surrounded by a plethora of blessings.  Take advantage.  Enjoy!  You have a limited time.


#3 The Future Hasn’t Happened

I need to preference the content under this tab by saying, “There is no excuse for not having dreams, plans, goals, and aspirations for your future.”  However, if we are caught staring too far forward we will trip because of our lack of detail for the present.  The future is where we all would like to be because for the most part, we all believe in brighter days.


Remember to enjoy your present.  Every day is a celebration of life.  Don’t find yourself stuck in the past or the future, LIVE TO ENJOY THE PRESENT!


Action: Find a small journal or you can use your phone, iPad, laptop, etc.  Start journaling every day about those things daily you are grateful for in the present.

Question(s): Have you opened your present today?  If so, what does your present look like?  (Please leave a comment below.)

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