Escaping The Daily Grind


Making a living is vital, but making a life is more important!


We discussed Finding Power To Drown Our Excuses in our last blog.  There’s no excuse for anyone not to enjoy life.  If you are going to enjoy life, you must find a way to escape from the daily grind.

The Grind


Everyone is involved in some form of a grind.  We each have a different grind.  The grind is anything causing you to work or study laboriously at it.

You may enjoy what you are doing when you are on your grind, but it is still a grind.

Okay, I can hear someone saying, “I don’t have a daily grind.”

What’s Your Daily Grind? 


Let me clarify a few things.  You grind doesn’t necessarily have to be something you dislike.  Matter of fact, your grind very well may be something you love to do.  So please understand that your grind can be anything you like or dislike, but you may just be overwhelmed with whatever it is you are doing because of the excessive performance of the activity.

Let’s pause for a moment and take a few seconds to think about what’s your grind?

It may be work, school, parenting, preaching, teaching, working out, dating/courting, paying bills, attending physician appointments, being engaged, etc.  Remember, it doesn’t mean that the activity you are thinking of is bad or good, it’s anything done excessively over a short.  We have all heard this phrase, “Too much of anything is bad.”  There may be a few exceptions, but I definitely know one exception.  For me, there is no such thing of too much of my God.  I am in constant need of my Father.

Escaping The Daily Grind


I am not suggesting that you run away or abandon your grind, but there are two primary ways for you to escape your grind.

#1 Physical Escape

The first way to escape your grind is to Physically Escape.

Whether you love the activity you are doing or not, sometimes you just need to physically unplug.  Unplug from the meetings, social media mediums, work, etc.  This is one of the reasons why we have paid vacation time at most of our jobs.  We are so plugged in at work week in and week out that every once in a while we need time to get away to refuel, refresh, rejuvenate, and restore the passion for what you love.

Physically escape and take some time to RECHARGE you battery.

#2 Mental Escape

I believe this form of escape is more important than any other way of escaping your daily grind, which is to Mentally Escape.  If you aren’t able to mentally disconnect from your daily grind.  You will find yourself living with emotions such as unhappiness, frustrated, stressed, annoyed, etc.

Mentally, you must disengage from the daily grind.  I’m able to mentally escape from my daily grind by praying and giving God that which is my daily grind.  This gives me the peace my heart needs.

What are you waiting on?  Go ahead and escape your daily grind.  Then, watch the productivity of your life increase.


How will you escape your daily grind?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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