Exercising the Power to Choose


The beautiful thing about life is having the power to choose.


It is possible to the live the life you want to live, but you have to exercise the power to choose.

Work It Out


When I hear the word exercise, I think of working out.  Working out makes me think of activities such as running, swimming, jogging, and cycling.  It also makes me think of the programs such as P90X and Insanity.  What do all of these programs have in common?

Each program takes a commitment and effort.  Your muscles may be sore and you may feel pain in every joint, but somehow you will find a way to complete your work out program because you are serious about exercising and staying healthy.

When it comes to making choices in life, it will require the same effort and commitment.  In other words, to live the life you have always wanted to live, “It takes work!”

You Have the Power


You have the power to control the choices you make in life.

If you avoid making an active decision, eventually a passive decision will be made.  So, not making a decision is actually making a decision.  I believe that passive choices are harder to maintain than active choices.  By the time you ignore, avoid, or tune out an active choice, you could have made an active choice.

So, why not exercise your power to choose right now?

Choose the life you want to live.  Choose the friends you want to hang around.  Choose what type of student you are going to be in school?  Choose how much financial independence you will have in the years to come.



How are you exercising your power to choose?  (Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.)

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